Check the Czech Cuisine - Meal 2

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Hey Steemians,
If you missed my post yesterday, I mentioned Everyone is always asking me what Czech food is like, and honestly, I struggle to describe it. So i though "why don't I just share my lunch with everyone".


So before i expain what todays lunch was i want to firstly point out, that i dont read/speak czech. Despite having lived here for several years now. Also most caferteria staff do not speak english and at my local Meza (dinning hall) there are no english menus... Just pictures of the food.

So what i thought i had chosen, was pork skewers and potato.... When in fact i had picked up salmon skewers with potatos. These poor salmon fillets had been so overcooked that i couldnt tell they wernt pork until half way thru.

The potatos and chicken broth (with bread dumplings inside) soup were yummy... But the salmon was a complete surprise to me.

In their defence, i had never eaten fresh water salmon before so had not recognised the taste or the fact that fresh water salmon is white

All in all, i managed to finish my lunch, so it couldnt have been that bad.

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Until next time,
Later Aligator.

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I upvoted you hopefully i have one day enough power to vote up for a full meal ! ;)

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