The Cast Iron Keto Power Lunch

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Protein and fat are my go-tos after a good workout. I ear a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. Eggs and corned beef are an easy fix when I need calories and i’m battling fatigue.


The saltiness of the corned beef prevents muscle cramps. The fat keeps me satiated.


In combination with eggs, I might actually meet my protein goal for the day.


Normally I would pair this skillet with two ounces of Manchego cheese, but I’m all out. If I get hungry later I’ll eat Manzanilla olives.

My breakfast was a simple affair of tea and unsweetened, full fat coconut milk along with a salted avocado. I snacked on a bit if high fiber, sugar-free dark chocolate with a cup of coffee. Time for another spot of fat infused tea with my lunch.

The day is turning out nicely. Here’s hoping I get that 20 min power nap in!

post and photos by @shawnamawna


Healthy food 👌

More facts about protein
They repair worn out tissues
Their complecity rise from
Protein-polypeptides bombs and amino acids
They help to maintain body temperature
They are sroree in the body as amino acids.
Thanks for sharing this @nat5an .post resteemed

What is daily protein goal around @nat5an ?