Know Bulat Ala Abang-Abang

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Know Bulat Ala Abang-Abang

15 pieces of White Fine Tofu
3 eggs Yellow eggs
1 tsp Baking Powder Double Acting
3 tsp Broth Powder
to taste Cooking Oil

Wash white tofu, then crush and strain the water using a clean cloth / napkin. Try to minimize the water content and live dregs like images.

Enter the egg yolks, powdered broth, and Double Acting Baking Powder. Mixed while kneading to soften the dough know. If there is no BPDA, can also use regular baking powder, tpi add stgh tsp again. then taste test according to taste.

After the taste is fitting, make a circle using the palm of the hand until the surface is slippery. Insert into container with lid, store in refrigerator at least 3-4hours. Can not enter freezer yes.

After 3 hours, remove, allow 10 minutes at room temperature. While waiting, heat the cooking oil over hot oil, then reduce the heat. Fried tofu in oil lot using medium heat tend to be small, while stirred in order to expand.

Old frying about 10-15 minutes. Once cooked, serve with chilli ceplus or soy sauce. Happy cooking: D




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