Benefits of Indian premium

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Benefits of Indian premium


The Indian premium is an Indian herb belonging to the ginger family, and has been used since ancient times in many treatments, let us know them:

The Indian Costus is an Indian herb whose roots are known as the Indian lute. Which has long been used in many medical treatments. It has a sweet smell and gives yellow or light brown color when it is soaked or added to food and beverages.

Benefits of Indian premium

The roots of the Indian premium are characterized by antimicrobial properties, antispasmodic, digestive and respiratory health, gas repellent and antihypertensive. The roots of the Indian premium and the oil derived from it are usually used in:

Treatment of worms and intestinal diseases
It was found that the Indian premium oil contains chemicals that contribute to the killing of cylindrical or nematode worms such as the Ascaris worm.

2 - Oil is used in the treatment of cough, asthma and respiratory infections
The researchers found that Indian rheumatoid oil helps prevent bronchial stenosis and treat the symptoms of various respiratory infections.

3 - Flavored to a variety of foods and beverages
The roots of the Indian premium are used as a spice, added to alcoholic and gaseous beverages, and pastries to impart flavor.

4 - tonic and stimulant of the digestive system
The Indian premium is a gas repellent and is enhanced to the health of the digestive system thanks to its holding properties. It is recommended to add two drops of Indian premium oil to the lukewarm tea to help promote digestion.

  1. Strengthens immunity
    The Indian premium has properties that are antiseptic and enhanced for healing processes, calming inflammation, and fighting bacteria and germs. The Indian premium also helps to treat cholera.

  2. Promote skin health
    It is also found that the Indian premium is useful in the treatment of certain skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and dandruff, and helps to heal Skin infections. Thanks to these properties, it is used in perfumery and cosmetics.

7- Treatment of ulcers
We have mentioned that Indian premium helps in the treatment of intestinal diseases, it also contributes to the treatment of severe ulcers and accelerate healing, and can use dried root powder as a clutch.

  1. Accelerate healing
    The use of a paste of the root of the Indian premium and placed on the wounds accelerates the process of healing and prevents infection.

side effects

The roots of the Indian premium or even its oil are safe for consumption by most people when taken orally, but it is important to note that the Indian premium contains Aristolochic acid, which may be associated with kidney damage and cancer, so it is usually advised not to use Any product containing Indian premium has not been proven to be free of astrolytic acid. The Food and Drug Administration can withdraw any vegetable product containing astrolysis.

There is no reliable enough information about the safety of halal or lactation treatment for Indian premium so it is best not to use it during this period.

Some people may be sensitive to the direction of some plants, including the Indian premium, so it is recommended to make sure there are no allergic reactions to it before eating.

Quantity allowed
The dose of Indian premium is based on several factors including age, health history and many more. Unfortunately there is not enough information to determine the safe amounts to be taken. So always check before taking it from your doctor or pharmacist to determine if it suits you.

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