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My husband makes our own humus. This time he made it out of the Seminole squash. He cut the squash in half , took the seeds out and drizzled olive oil and some cinnamon on it, covered in saran wrap and cooked in microwave until tender. He scooped out the squash and put it in the blender with a can of chic peas some garlic, and a little salt. It is very good. This is it.
These are Seminole squash, they are just like a winter squash IMG_20190306_142636.jpg
We made some more loquat preserves today
Before going to bed last night my husband checked his live trap that he has set by his tomato plant, there was another rat in it. He took the last one to the dump and released it, so he told me he would do the same with this one in the morning. Sometime in the night he got up to put another blanket on the bed and said he was cold and he bet the rat in the cage was cold, too. He grabbed an old shirt and took it out to put in the trap, the rat was dead. It was halfway through the wire and as dead as could be. He told me it has to be a design flaw, how can it get one half of it's body through and not the rest. In the morning he took the rat out of the trap and was looking it over, he said right between the rats ding-a-ling and his go-nads there was one of those ugly worms that they get, he said that area was all swollen and that is why he did not fit through the wire. There will be no pictures, I did not think it is nice to put something like that on here.

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I love red pepper hummus :D


Me toooooo😋


@blacklux is red pepper humus made from bell peppers or hot peppers? we do not like anything hot.


Made with bell peppers! Try it! You will like it!


@blacklux thank you, I will tell him to make it.

Hello ..!!!!!
Looks deeeeeeelicious 😋 🤗
I love many different kinds of humus.
Homemade is awesome..


@annephilbrick He has made many different kinds of it, my favorite was made with olives. This was his first time using squash, I also liked the peanut butter humus, I need to get him to make it again.

I still want to try to make it myself too. I have the peas.

Well the rat would have be died anyway.
They say if you burn a rat alive the other rats will run till the rat stops screaming. I never tried it myself. The cats and dogs kill them.

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@wakeupkitty we use to have a cat that caught them but she died, she lived for 21 years. I could not set a rat on fire, I don't mind killing it but I want to do it fast........... You should make humus it is very good and you can make it with a number of ingredients.


I never set one on fire either, they did it at the farm I lived. It had its own garbish heap. I think it was very attractive to the rats

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