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I thought to document also the next day's Freegan actions. It was quite funny because firstly late in the morning I went to the buffet and its always packed on the weekend and although there is around 30 tables you still have to wait for a seat. I saw a waitress cleaning a table and managed to get there to claim it and there was quite a lot of food that the last people had left on the plates.

I took something and popped it in my mouth as the waitress in action clearing up the plates and I asked if the table was now free, and she replied "Yes it is free now - Are you a Freegan?!"

I was quite shocked and asked her what she said again, and it turned out that she defiantly knew about Freeganism and it was a great moment. I found it quite random but then later in the day when we wanted to go home, we still needed to find some weed and just before getting on the bus I remembered there was a chance to go see if someone was working in a bar where it might be possible to get some smoke.

They ended up telling me that the mutual friend I had met when I first arrived here (also a dumpsterdiver) had ended up being documented and then interviewed on Krakow radio just some days before on the subject of freeganism and it seemed to have had an impact on quite a few people here.

I am writing this in the morning and so its called..

Yesterdays Findings!

There wasn't anything new there so I took some more of the good carrots, and a lettuce. I still had a butternut squash and a cauliflower in the fridge and was ready to make banana bread also!

@byegoogle had made the banana bread and the tiny oven was occupied! The butternut that was found over a week ago had a black spot on it and I cut it off whilst the rest of it was very fresh. I had the idea to do it in the oven and to cook the cauliflower in the pan again stirfry style. I have realized I never need to use a pot full of water to cook vegetables ever again which is great because at my home we have no running water.

I remember the cauliflower had a flower that was bad so I took it off before storing it in the fridge and you can see the missing part, it had some kind of bacteria that was only effecting the same area and hadn't spread.

You can see it there clearly

The good bits where chucked in the pan and fried a little then steemed just with a small cup of water and a lid from a pot And the butternut was washed again and sliced up ready for the oven - oh yeh! The Banana bread was now ready so the squash could get cooked..

This banana bread we tried vegan style as usually we add an egg and melted butter - but this time not, instead it had olive oil!

This is what we ended up eating, the cost was the olive oil to cook in and for the bread, and 1/3kg flour and the electric costs.


Recycle food- Save money - Buy Bitcoin!
Big love!


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You forgot to mention my new flower you fished out of the trash!

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I just realised the time, I've been just playing steem monsters all day hahahahah! Might plant the squash seeds :P

Nice going :)

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