👌One of my best RECIPE: Buckwheat Pancakes GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN 💛

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As I wrote in the post My Way to Health a few years ago I started a diet without eggs, wheat flour and dairy products. My first question was: what about pancakes? 😂  haha 

I created an amazing recipe with only two ingredients: buckwheat and water. It's a great base for sweet and savory dishes.


  • 250 g of non-roasted buckwheat groats
  • 200 ml of water
  • a pinch of Himalayan salt
  • coconut oil for frying 
  • optional: a pinch of  turmeric powder, pepper powder or other herbs


Rinse non-roasted buckwheat groats in water and soak buckwheat groats in fresh water for the whole night. 

The next day add a pinch of salt (and spices or herbs if you want) and blend into a pancake batter. 

Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan and fry pancakes.   

That's all! 😉 

Bless you!

Moni 😍 

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Oh I love that they are so simple and healthy! And with only buckwheat and water! Wow!! Great recipe Moni! Wish you a perfect friday!


Thank you very much dear!
This one of my favorite vegan and gluten free recipe. And my litlle doughter likes it a lot 😊


Oh thanks so great that she all likes it👌❤



Thank you 😊

I'm hungry now hahahaha @monika-homa , I follow you now cause you have same words with my friend @domenik-homa


Thank you!
@dominik.homa is my husband 😊

Awesome, I am vegetarian without meat, fish, and eggs - and my wife @tatjanastan also.


Awesome, we also :)


Yes, we avoid gluten and dairy as well.

Hi @monika-homa, I think I should try the recipe, thank you for sharing the awesome recipe

Wow I'm impressed. Vegan...Bravo...Buckwheat this is excellent for my husband as he is Kapha type of body...

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This food is very healthy and it is possible to make physical development through eating this food and because this diet does not have any fat, this food plays a very good role in human life.

This meal contains wheat which is very valuable for the human body and plays an effective role in the development of the human body.

Seeing this food I'm really greedy I'm going to eat this meal. Hopefully you will send this meal to my house hehe :p

The food menu of the recipes is extraordinary. I will give my mom's information, to try to make it.

Hai @monika-homa nice to heard you'r vegan, I don't think so to leave moal, fish and so forth for be a vegan, but you have a good choice to be healthy life :), Thanks for sharing, would try the recipe.

I saw in most of the recipes you use buckwheat which is called kuttu in our area. I can't not stop myself to bring and use this millet. Thanks for sharing amazing and healthy recipes.


Yes, I like use non-roasted buckwheat groats and millet groats in my recipes. They give a lot of opportunities in vegan cooking.
Thank you a lot @chetanpadliya

I really like your post because I also really like about food

Love how minimal ingredient these are! It's also so great they can be used in sweet and savory way. Thanks for sharing :)


Simple recipes are the best! ;)
I love this pancakes with homemade Nutella cream: https://steemit.com/food/@monika-homa/healthy-nutella-cream-sugar-free-vegan

Nice idea, I have some dried buckwheat sprouts left over, should work with them too, thank you for sharing.


Yes, you should try!
Thank you ;))


I did, they smelled and tasted good, but I had problems turning them and they changed texture then :) Will try with soaked ones next time.

Good luck always @monika-homa