Imperfect Meal 😱 How to Cook Quickly & Healthy ⏲️ 👌😉

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It happens that we don't have a time to cook. I am a mother, I breastfeed my daughter and sometimes I need to prepare a meal very quickly. But this doesn't mean that it must be unhealthy!

What I prepare when I don't have a time to cook?

  • chopped raw vegetables: tomatoes, capsicium, cucumber, avocado, radishes, kohlrabi, lettuces, carrots...
  • legumes: cooked chickpeas, lentils, beans, green peas. You can use them bought in a can, preferably in a jar
  • while I'm cuting the vegetables, I put in the oven potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin or beetroots. You can bake / fry slices of tofu or tempeh
  • yes, I sometimes use ready-made dishes. But I always check their ingredients before buying! Here, vegan samosas heated in the oven.
  • I do not use ready-made sauces. If I don't have time to make a sauce, I use olive oil, tahini or tomato purée
  • I don't make a photo session with my meal 😁

And what is your way for a quick and healthy meal?
Moni 👌

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Thank you @stephenkendal !!!

You are one busy mom, Moni! The best part is your little one will be raised eating a beautiful healthy diet! Such a blessing :) Your pictures always tell a story however many there are, I love Olive oil, tahini, pesto....they are so versitile, they keep well and work with so many dishes. Especially when you want something quick and easy, right?

Yes, right! ;)
Thank you!
I always feel a blessing when I'm reading your comments my dear @birdsinparadise 😊

Great healthy food. I really like your recipe
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it's really good food.

My friend

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you for your wise advice, @monika-homa .
I, too, prefer vegetables and fruits caloric the first
dishes and fried meat.
I love broccoli in any form, often make vegetable salads and drink natural juices.

I also like low-fat cottage cheese and cheese.
For a quick bite sometimes brewed buckwheat or oatmeal.
Still useful dairy products and yoghurts, they are light and low-calorie.

Thank you for comment @singa

It's great that you eat friut, vegetables and groats, whole grain cereals. I recommend you quinoa and millet (on my blog you can find many recipes with millet).

Thank you very much for your advice and recommendations.
I like quinoa very much too.
Previously, this cereal grew mainly in the mountainous areas of the Andes,
then it began to grow in the Himalayas.
Today, agronomists are in search of the most suitable climate for this cereal,
People began to use this useful grain for food more often.

It doesn't always have to take you hours to cook and prepare everything from scratch. We all are people and we are imperfect, so our meals are :) I love your honesty. And your meal looks delicious Monika! Have a lovely evening and great rest of the weekend!

Oh, thank you so much for this comment @delishtreats ! 😊



I do not know many of cook, but your practice was awesome @monika-homa

i love your post..
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Zawsze staram się poświęcać czas na gotowanie. Jedzenie i przygotowanie do mnie to czysty relaks......

Witaj! Czyli także jesteś pasjonatem gotowania :) Zapraszam Cię na mój blog, który prowadzę w języku polskim: @zdrowie Mam nadzieję, że znajdziesz tam trochę kulinarnych inspiracji ;)

P.S. Mam do Ciebie małą prośbę, czy mógłbyś wyedytować ten komentarz usuwając zdjęcie i zostawiając tekst? Jest to blog wegański, a wegetarianie i weganie mogą czuć się nieswojo patrząc na kawałki martwych ciał zwierząt. Myślę, że mnie zrozumiesz :)
Pozdrawiam! Moni

Loved this post, we should kill the bias that quick, healthy and delicious food cannot come in the same packet! Everyone is busy from time to time, some more than others, but it shouldn't mean that we can't have delicious and nutritious food, right?

To your question, well, basically everything I cook is quick, I'm not a very patient person, haha!

Thanks for your honesty 😊
Some people think that quick dishes must be unhealthy, like junky food. And all you need to do is to cook groats, rice or bake sweet potatoes and eat them with vegetables or ready-made falafels ;)

Exactly! 😊

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