Milkshake with Strawberries | Recipe

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Every day a large number of fresh berries are sold in shops and small stalls. Today I walked down the street and bought a great strawberry. The size and color of the strawberry looks amazing.

Summer is a season when you want to drink cool drinks and try fresh berries. I like to combine berries in different drinks and so today I added strawberries to a cool and very tasty milkshake.

If you combine in a blender pieces of strawberries, cold milk, vanilla ice cream and ice, you can get a very tasty milkshake, which is so necessary in hot weather.

I like to prepare drinks, especially a milkshake, because my daughter can get more vitamins and thus drink milk. I think this is a great idea of ​​combining milk and strawberries.

All you need is to combine all the ingredients in the bowl of the blender and mix it well.

And in the end there are only a few steps to create a beautiful milkshake. You just need to pour a milkshake on the glasses and add pieces of strawberries.



Cold milk - 1 liter

Vanilla ice cream - 4 tbsp. spoons

Strawberries - 200 g

Ice - 150 g


1. Add cold milk and vanilla ice cream to the blender bowl. Mix everything.

2. Strawberries are cut in half and added to the bowl of the blender.

3. Chop the ice into pieces and add to the blender bowl. Mix again well.

4. Milkshake to pour on the glasses. Decorate the milkshake with strawberries and add straws.

5. Milkshake it is better to drink immediately while the milkshake is still cold.

Bon Appetit!

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

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Enjoy excellent day, friends!

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uhmmm que ricosss

That reminds me when my boyfriend tried to make some smoothies. He wasted all bananas and put alot of water to it, and asked me to taste it. It was horrible, after that I poured some of it away, and replaced most of the water with apple :D

This looks really healthy and delicious!


Thank you so much!

I can't wait to try it! Upvoted!

Sweet.....milkshake nd stràwberries i love this drink

nice recipe, Look so delicious @milaoz i practice foodphotography,

wow it looks pretty delicious that thanks for directions @milaoz

Wow....., reading your recipe on very sunny and hot day. It's very hot weather now. By seeing your pictures and directions to prepare, I felt cool and wanna try it now.

looks delicious , id have a bigger glass though :)

The photos look really nice and the milkshake I think must be delicious. Perfect for hot weather and summer seasons.

it's Looks provocative!

The touch of vanilla makes the difference, I've never done it with ice cream, I'll try, it looks great.

Hey that great idea, and very beneficial for children this summer season (well I live in Venezuela, here the summer is all year), you know if you want to nourish your daughter, and that she is happy and that she likes smoothies , I suggest 2 kinds of smoothies, coconut and rice.

The coconut: you have a coconut, you take out the water, and the white pulp is liquefied, and while it is liquefied, you add vanilla, milk and sugar, and also the coconut water, when it is well liquefied, you go through a colander to remove the lumps, and made ice cubes and enjoy.

The rice (Chicha): put to cook 8 cups of water, and when they have boiled, you add 2 cups of rice and let it simmer, constantly beat it so that it does not stick, when it has dried most of the water, add 2 tablespoons of vanilla and remove it from the heat, when it has cooled, put in the blender 2 cups of milk and put it to beat, you are adding milk so that it is not so thick, but not so liquid, and add the sugar, and more vanilla, when you serve it you can add chocolate chips, stweet milk, or any type of cereal that children eat in the morning, and add some ice cubes and enjoy.

Looks great makes me thirsty!

This looks really good it is making want to give this a try. Mouth Watering

i loved!

Oh my God.. blessed be the desserts with chocolate!! :3

I really enjoy your blog

How delicious is that shake thank you for sharing it friend

InCREDIBLE @milaoz. I'm salavating!!! I'm also wondering how it would taste with some Malibu?

"strawberries look so fresh, it's must be too tasty"

wow look delicious. and nice photography too.

They look really delicious. Love the idea for your daughter as well

Your food pictures are really good! Well done! I wish i could do something similar... always have no idea how to do it.

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The pictures made me lick the screen (pun intended).
Thank you for sharing the recipe that always comes an add-on.
Please visit my new post of time allows

Im diggin the black straws. Ive never seen those before.

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thank you so much for sharing this recipe, and the photo shooting is nice too!

thank you for sharing this tips a recipe now I can taste this kind of one of a kind recipe!thank you @milaoz


Looks delicious! Great post!

I just made my first strawberry milkshake after seeing this post! The days of smoothies and milkshakes are finally here in Europe. Mine had more strawberries and less milk, so the colour was more pink : ) Thanks for the inspiration!