Aceh Indomie Noodles Using Goat Meat Noodle Wak Hasan

in #food3 years ago (edited)


Hello steemian friend, back to my blog that is @masykur16, how are you guys today, hopefully healthy and easy to sustenance life of blessing.

I was ready for tarawih prayer I tasted aceh indomie noodles using meat in wak hasan, it was quite fat and sweet taste, due to meat use hence there is a sweet taste, I ask to make it with fried wet, with fried that there is a little sauce, why wear gravy because let me easy to slide in his noodle throat he he he.

If you play to aceh, do not forget to cobain aceh noodles yes, because original made by aceh people, keep the spirit of steemian, regards.


Halo sahabat steemian, kembali ke blog saya yaitu @masykur16, gimana keadaan kalian hari ini, semoga sehat terus dan mudah rezekinya hidupnya berkah.
Tadi siap shalat tarawih saya mencicipi mie indomie aceh pakai daging di wak hasan, rasanya cukup lemak dan manisnya terasa, dikarenakan pakai daging makanya ada rasa manis, saya meminta membuatnya dengan goreng basah, dengan gorengan yang ada kuahnya sedikit, kenapa pakai kuah karena biar mudah meluncur di tenggorokan mie nya he he he.
Kalau anda main ke aceh, jangan lupa cobain mie aceh ya, karena asli buatan orang aceh, tetap semangat steemian, salam.

Greetings steemit community all over the world.





I love this. I'm just sitting here drinking a Imperial Stout but now I really want to grab somthing to eat!

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