Today's Recipe.... With Banana..

in food •  5 months ago

One of my friend is guest today at my home. She likes banana kofta and request me to prepare. And I proceed to fulfill her demand.
For this special recipe we have to need...
**any vegetable oil
Below some of my cooking photos, I have shared..
(Onion, tomato, and chopped banana mixer)
(prepared dough)
(fried dough)
###kofta is ready###
Do you like my recipe, never forget to share your view through comments..
Have a nice day! Happy steeming dear friends!

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I haven't had the pleasure of trying kofta before. I am intrigued by the mixture of ingredients, I wouldn't have imagined banana with onion but I am oddly hungered by the thought of it. Thank you for opening my eyes and mind to a new recipe @mamu77. Cheers!!!!


Actually, it can't be made from a ripe banana.. Only possible with a special species of banana..
Nice to see your interest about this recipe..


That's good (and important) to know. I sure would have made this wrong lol =D Thank you @mamu77. Cheers!!!


Welcome friend!

bhuk lag gyi yaar looking very tasty : P