Rabo de torro brownie

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Rabo de torro is a traditional spanish dish (ox tail) this was a very special way to present rabo de torro in the form of a brownie.

It was super tasty 😋

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Fantastic. Here in South Africa Oxtail is also very popular.

lovely it is really yummy tasty,,, upvoted

good post

Thank you!!

Wow. Looks so yummy.
Thanks for sharing

I wanna taste it HAHA

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look cool

Delicious........ i like chocolate

Wow, I would love to know how they prepare it, looks very delicious and juicy.

Look delicious.

Food is good your health and health is your all happiness 👉📷😂

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Buenas noche amigo que delicioso se ve. Bello post.saludos desde Venezuela. Te invito pasar por mi blog

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