Tender cheese cakes

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I've been baking such cakes for 5 years already, I really like them because they are made quickly and tasty, and a fellow traveler shared the recipe with me when I was traveling by train to my sister in Naberezhnye Chelny. The Tatar woman is very sociable, and that's where I tried such cakes. Delicate cheese cakes in the oven are also called lazy khachapuri. For cooking, you will need the following products: Cheese-100 grams, sour cream-200 grams, flour-100 grams, salt and a little soda. The whole preparation takes 10 minutes, so it is better to turn on the oven earlier. Grate cheese and mix with sour cream, Then the flour, salt and soda. Mix everything. A very sticky dough is obtained. Grease a baking sheet with butter and form cakes. It is better to spread it with a tablespoon, having previously moistened the spoon with water. Bake mine 10. You can also sprinkle the cakes with red pepper before placing them in the oven. It turns out very tasty. Such cakes are prepared for a snack, they can be taken to work or on the road.

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