Red Sea salad.

in #food7 months ago

Good morning! Recently in my assortment of salads a new salad "Red Sea" appeared for me and my family. It is called so because of red tomatoes and red bell pepper. I have met this salad on the Internet before, but here my sister came to visit and prepared for us such a delicious, beautiful salad. It is prepared very simply, it is better, of course, to indulge yourself with such a salad in the summer, while the tomatoes are either your own, or purchased but not expensive as in winter. For the salad you need to take: 250 g of crab sticks. 150 g of hard cheese. 2-3 pcs. red tomatoes. 1 red bell pepper. garlic 2-3 cloves and salt, pepper to taste. Season with mayonnaise. All these products are cut into strips, except for cheese, it is rubbed on a coarse grater. Mix all the ingredients of the Red Sea salad in a cup, add salt and pepper to taste and season with mayonnaise. Mix well and you can eat.

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