Linguini In Savory Tomato Sauce

in food •  last year

I'm going to pull out three of my last posts for our dinner tonight, I'm just a little bit tired today from antihistamine. We hiked to big ice caves with some of friends then we had a small picnic afterwards there. I may have ate something wrong and now my body is complaining.

In my free time when I have no plans to do anything, I usually make some food that can freeze for a weeks or at least can help make my dinner easier when I'm lazy.

I have some Italian meatballs, spaghetti sauce, and some cauliflower-patty that I saved from before in the freezer. So, here are the links for dinner tonight:


That's it, dinner served.

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Oh my god, how rich you can see that food, how I wish I could try one day those delicious dishes that you make, they look perfect, my friend. @lugina



Iya, sedap banget ...

this is a good post, I really like it. hopefully the next post is better than this. thank you already share. and thank you too, If you get the time, to see my post today about life and for the attention and love it I am very grateful.


Sure, I'll try my best. will check it out..thank you

Very good food. . Thankyou for sharing @lugina


You bet!!

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