Watermelon Feta Salad

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This super-easy, refresing, healthy, sweet, salty, aromatic salad with fresh ,juicy, ripe watermelon slices is perfect for hot August days and nights!
Watermelon, cucumber, feta cheese, valerian, black cumin seeds, basil,mint, red onion, grapes and a few drops of olive oil and fresh lime juice , are the ingredients for this beautiful salad with summer flavors and fragrances..You could add sea salt flakes for garnish. I love the saltiness of feta and the sweetness of watermelon. A cool combination that rocks! But If you are not a fan of feta, other white cheeses, like fresh mozzarella balls, would also work.
When I took these photos, my lovely nephew, who adores watermelon (and me of course, haha), was in the middle of photoshooting and was waiting to eat as much as possible of this delicious red fruit..
An amazing, colorful, simple dish(it takes minutes to prepare), a perfect mix of savory and sweet, that you can create for the rest of watermelon season and everyone will love it !Literally summer in a salad..













Thank you!!!❣️❣️


Wow, the photos are great and the salad looks so tasty and refreshing! Watermelon with feta is a classic combination in Greece, the rest of the ingredients would make a wonderful result, I am sure about it, but... onions?? It seems so bold and risky, that I will certainly try it as soon as I am in my village for the weekend, where there is a plethora of fresh materials. Thank you for the great idea!

Thank you so much for your beautiful words!!!
Yes, this salad smells summer and Greece!
Haha, you are right about onions, but believe me, suits perfect!And if you don't have problems with your stomach, you should give a try and add some onions!Oh, I can imagine all these fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs in your village!
(I'm sorry for the late reply)

I would only take the red onions out :)
Other than that it is an incredibly colorful and delicious combination.
I have never tried valerian, though, at least not in salads. I might have taken some drops once to calm myself down. It must be good for children, especailly after eating such a sweet fruit as watermelon :)

Ok, onions out, no problem!It will be still a refreshing and delicious salad!Whenever you have time, you should try to make it.
Valerian, as an addition in this watrmelon salad ,suits,is so healthy and also tastes good! Yes, it's soo good for children as well!
(Sorry for the late reply)

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Thank you so much for the honor!!!😊
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Thank you!!😊

In that part of the World where I am living it is summer and hot which made your posts so attractive and felt special.
We also used to buy Watermelons, we makes juice with it but never thought about making salads.

you have given some nice Photos too.

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Thank you for your compliments!
Oh, well, if you like the idea you could give a try to make this salad.I think that you gonna like it!
(Sorry for the late reply)

Ok my favorite fruit is watermelon, I love it with my soul because it is juicy and tastes delicious! I'm going to make this salad soon

Great!!I think you will love this watermelon salad!😊
(I'm sorry for the late reply)

Watermelon is perfect for salad. I was a little skeptical a few years back but now I use it a lot in summer. I love the combination with cucumber but the best is watermelon salsa with tomatoes. It's delish!

Thank you for sharing your recipe!

Yes, it's a summery fruit that suits in salads and tastes wonderful!Yes, it's also a moutwatering combo with tomatoes!
Thank you for stopping by!😊
(I'm sorry for the late reply)

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