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RE: Little India, in Cebu. Bharat Spice- My new favorite restaurant.

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If you love Indian food and if you haven't come to India, seriously, you're missing out on a lot. In India, you'll get to taste more authentic cuisines. From north to south, east to west the food differs for us. I'm sure you'll love it and you could eat new food everyday during your time in India. Street foods are one among the best and you'll absolutely love it since you like it spicy.

I agree it is not as safe as western countries but it's not as bad as you think either. Some people might try to charge you more than whatever it costs; if you're aware of it, you'll be good. Also if you avoid roaming around at odd hours, you'll be good to go anywhere in the country. You'll be most welcome!


india sucks

You'll need to justify your comment mate.

smelly, rude people, food sucks

Hello there! How are you?

Very well said. You can be a really a well tourist advisor :)

I really look forward to visiting India, it's on my bucket list. Not only the food is exquisite but I am very interested to learn more about the culture. Last night my boyfriend and watched two Indian movies, Queen and Dhanak. Have you ever watch these movies, yet?

I'm fine, doing great. I hope you and your boyfriend is doing fine as well.
Thanks but I have never been an advisor. Maybe, I can guide you lil bit here and there when you travel to India someday. That will surely help you out. India has a broad culture and a lot to learn. Make sure you plan a long vacation if you wanna see the whole country. Hehe!
Nice to know you watch Indian/Bollywood Movies too, you must have learned a few words in Hindi, did you? I have seen Queen but not Dhanak. Now that you've asked me, I think I'll see it when I get my free time. :)

Thank you for thinking of me and my boyfriend. Everything is doing a little better, catching some more sleep, we've both been working way too much online, working hard for our future ;)

I haven't learned any words, to be honest, I only read the subtitle ;D maybe I should a little.

Thank you for the genuine offer to show me around India. Hopefully, someday I can visit.

TC always!

  • Gilaine

Hope you have successful future ahead. I'm sure one day all your hardwork will surely pay off.
I'd love to show you around.
And thanks for taking your beloved time to reply and upvote the comments. It actually feels honoured to see your support and care towards other users.
Thank you. TC!