Maca Root Powder: The Peruvian Superfood Adaptogen

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Maca root powder is gaining popularity among many for its nutritional and medicinal benefits.  Originating in the mountains of Peru and South America, it’s now imported in it’s easy to use dried form all over the world. We came across it when buying super food powders from the local organic store, intrigued because it was actually by weight one of the most expensive ones available. For us, we get 300 grams of the stuff for 300 pesos, about 15 usd.    

Similar to a turnip, this little root (lepidium meyenii) is a part of the crucifer family.  It’s a short wide spreading plant with a medium sized root that’s most commonly ground down and dried into a powder.   It is in this powder that maca root is most commonly consumed.  Something to consider is that there are MANY root vegetables hailing from that section of the world that all have their own specific preparations before cooking.  Some are soaked, some sliced and sun dried, some dried and ground into a powder like maca.   

So like anyone who just spent what used to be their grocery budget on just one product, I looked it up to find out why it costs so much! (For me, anyway.)

So the benefits are listed as but apparently not limited to:
balancing cholesterol hormone balance (male and female) energy levels health booster increased fertility in both males and females immune system booster improved sexual function improved memory improved focus improved sperm production

 The little root is comprised of the following by weight:
 18% protein   76% carbohydrates 5% fat 8.5% fiber

And aside from the medicinal effects, it’s also highly nutritious containing:
20 amino acids,

8 essential 

20 free form fatty acids 

Vitamins B1, B2, C, E 











 Most people start taking it about 1 tablespoon daily, eventually working up to 2-3.  We actually started this using much less, partially due to cost and partially just because I didn’t know a damn thing about it at the time.  It’s pleasant smelling, sweet and slightly nutty.  It blends great into a smoothie and probably would mix into other things really nicely as well.  I like the smell of it very much, personally.

It’s a highly fascinating little root that is currently so expensive due to it’s recent rise in popularity as a super food item.  With the internet spreading awareness on it’s virtues it makes sense that everyone would be scrambling for some maca root powder.  Considering it’s a plant that really only grows in one part of the world currently, the prices are high for good reason.    

If you come across maca powder and have the funds, give it a try.  I have been pleasantly surprised and as far as flavor is concerned, it’s so far my favorite of the super food powders.    
 Thanks for following and supporting us, until next time! 


Thanks for this post :) at home I have already used for some months and really like it ;)

Have you noticed positive effects? I've only had it around a short while

concerning sex drive definitely ;) However if there were other positive effects as well I am not really sure, because at that time I changed a lot of things in my diet and also ate some other super foods. So there were quite a lot of changes...

Interesting, thanks!

The girl and I bought a bag a while back. I might have had a mild allergic reaction to it or something but it did not sit well in my smoothie.

Maca is powerful stuff. I used to mix it in with smoothies. Tastes rough, but it is a high level superfood for sure.

Taste all depends on quality and strain ;)

I really don't mind what it adds to smoothies!

Thanks for the post. Maca is a wonderful superfood. Just be a little caution using it. I did have an allergic reaction, breathing problems. Now I'm a little scare to use it.

Interesting. I haven't noticed anything I can directly link to the maca yet, realistically

Maca is Very Potent. It s Touted for both men & women. I'd Like to post a big Caution to the women. Women are more complicated than men- with the Hormones. If you're a woman with hormone issues in the past- be very cautious with this stuff. Don't buy a lot of it, till you know how your body can handle it. I've been into alt health for 17 years & nutrition for 30 years. Personally, just a tiny bit if MACA really screwed me up. I gave it to my brothers & they did GREAT with it.

Screwed you up how?

In female ways I don't care to go into detail on in a public forum. But if one does a more detailed & careful research on the matter- they'll find that women do & can get some ill effects from Maca. Another non-prescription supplement to balance & strengthen Natural Hormone Output is the supplement DHEA. And it is a precursor to Many body hormones. It is super safe for men & helps put on lean muscle mass. Many Alt Health Doctors tout it for WOMEN & The Many Women Report Serious IL Effects from that also. Is there anyway to sent private message over Steemit? Like prvt emails?

I've personally never needed supplements, but I have wondered about slight imbalances. Thank you for the warnings though, for sure! I'm going to look into it more when I've got a chance to!

Peruvian superfoods are some of my all time favorites, Maca and Cacao at the top. I have been consuming both daily for years, and created a brand specifically dedicated to it because I love it so much, though I don't export to Mexico even though I import from Peruvian farmers (Funny how silly business works these days geographically).

I have seen firsthand the benefits of daily Maca consumption across many demographics men and women young and old, mostly in improved energy, but in women it is extremely effective at helping balance hormone production, specifically bad estrogen imbalance.

Interesting. Upon hearing about it I was intrigued, for sure.

Found this post via a Facebook share to your article with an embedded link to here. Great article and timely since I just started using Maca Root Powder. I like the flavor it adds to my smoothies and oats. Pretty long way around to get here but have followed, upvoted and resteemed. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the comment and support, it's good to know that some people pay attention to the facebook shares of these posts!

I also like the flavor of maca root, reminds me of baked goods!

Exactly! Reminds me of a blueberryless muffin flavor.

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