Carnivore Adventures: Officially Two Whole Weeks Zero Carb

in food •  6 months ago


We were mostly carnivore until two weeks ago when I decided to refocus. I was sneaking tiny amounts of gummy bears and chocolate keeping my carb cravings going and my healing at a slower pace. It was also taking a toll on me mentally as I knew that sticking to the diet at least temporarily is the best way for me to achieve the health benefits I'd like.

John is on day two officially no sugar finding the carb cravings harder to deal with partially due to the fact that he reacts less to the foods than I do. When I eat some Hershey chocolate I have days of hangover and terrible feelings, him not so much. So when I see Hershey chocolate or a baked good my stomach starts to hurt instinctually where I think his mind is still associating it with good things. Once you have a bad reaction to food the way I do, it'll make you swear off things you've never expected.

Still feeling lots of intermittent detox feelings but also lots of bursts of energy and immense clarity. I feel like my body is trying to find a balance and I just have to be patient while it does. Feeling better and better every day.

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It makes little sense to detox from essential nutrients. Meat is rich in carbohidrates.


Meat actully has zero carbohydrates, that is why this is a zero carb diet. It does however have collegen, vitamins and minerals and a total lack of toxins to make it hard for us to actually take in the nutrients.


... you're right. I thought meat had carbs because animals use glucose, but I guess it's depleated soon after the animal dies. Maybe you're right, we'll have the blockchain probe the carnivore diet benefits on you.

It's still hard for me to accept a carnivore diet on humans, but keep us informed. If you continue this experiment for a year it would be wise to have some lab test on cholesterol, uric acid and a basic check up to make your point and make all of us vegans look like dumb pacifists. :)


It was hard for me to accept as well until I started comparing our digestive system with that of other carnivores. We quite simply lack the equiptment to process the majority of plants effeciently and in the process we expend a lot of energy when we digest carbohydrates. Thats why you feel tired after eating. Plants have too many lectins and toxins to keep us from eating them, theyre biochemical badasses. I at the very least believe in a very low carb diet.

I plan to have several different tests done soon and regularly so but considering how good I feel already I expect to show perfectly healthy here before long.

My aim is not to make vegans look like dumb anything. If anything I just want them to recognize that the vegan diet is more of an ethical choice than a health choice. It's totally valid if people wanna deal with the health issues associated with a plant based diet to not have to kill animals. I only have issue when I'm being told things like "fuck your health" and "I hope you die because you eat meat". Thankfully this is only a small percentage of vegans I talk to.

A lot of people are doing well on the carnivore diet, including myself! 🙂

looks juicy!!