Sunday Cook #12 Pork Ribs in the oven - Original recipe

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This Sunday I cooked

Pork ribs in the oven

Last weekend I have been at my mother's place and while looking for her recipes I might have found one or two recipes with pork ribs. I know sometimes my mind registers some food desires, and it only gets fulfilled after I eat that. I'm saying this because when I went shopping this weekend (without a plan for this Sunday Cook) I couldn't resist buying​ pork ribs!

​As I didn't bring those recipes, I had to go with what I remembered and follow my intuition!


  • 1 kg pork ribs
  • 4 medium potatoes
  • 1 large onion
  • 5-7 garlic cloves
  • 1 bay leaf
  • olive oil (to taste)
  • white wine (to taste)
  • 2 lemons juice
  • black pepper (to taste)
  • sweet red pepper sauce (to taste)
  • salt (to taste)



Previously season the pork ribs with salt, black pepper, sweet red pepper, bay leaf, garlic, white wine and lemon juice. I let this marinate for approximately 12 hours.

2. Roaster tray preparation

Pre-heat the oven 180 ºC - 200ºC. Pick a roaster tray and cover it with sliced onion. Then join the cut potatoes and season with salt.

3. Into the oven

Add the pork ribs and seasoned gravy. Add the olive oil and it is ready to go to the oven (180ºC), for about 30m!

4. Sprinkle with the juices

Every 30 minutes I open the oven to sprinkle the meat with released juices. It's also good to see if the meat and potatoes are cooking properly.

5. Turn off the oven, it's ready

It took more or less 1h30-2h00 to cook! It's ready to serve!!

6. Serve it!!

This week I had a bunch of fresh turnip greens and, guess what?! It's a perfect combination!! I also had these ribs with white rice, but feel free to eat it whatever you like the most!

This dish goes absolutely fine with a glass of red wine! Hope you enjoyed :)

I will come back with another Sunday cook delicious :D Stay tuned!!

What is Sunday Cook?!

These Sunday Cook project began with a strong will to contribute to Steemit with my personal view of Portuguese cuisine. I really believe we have plenty of good food. I'm not a professional or nothing similar, but I can assure that I'll do my best!

On Sundays, I like to prepare more elaborate and delicious food. It requires time and patient. Usually, I cook some traditional
Portuguese food, or at least with Portuguese inspiration :) I try to do it in a healthier way, using the minimum fat as possible, and normally I pick some recipe and transform it. During the week I don't like to spend much time cooking (no time at all), that's why I get totally motivated to cook on Sundays!!

BADGES Courtesy of @elyaque


@liliana.duarte I don't eat red meat but I'm not going to lie - this looks yummy!
and those pics are freaking clear! well done!

EDIT : damn ! you put bay leaf? I bet it smells delicious too
oh I should go to bed now cause this is torture looking at all this food posts at 1am - zzzzzz

Thank you so much for your words!!
Yes, I use bay leaf a lot !! Lemon also is great in​ this is a precious help with all the pork fat.

I just posted my first entry on the SCC #11, the vegetarian one!! It went fine without cheese! But for today...I'm tired of cooking and posting! ahah ;)

looks delicious

Thank you!! It really is! Have you ever tried Portuguese food? ;)

Not really @liliana.duarte - traveling to Portugal is on my to do list since years but i never made it there :-(

It's biased, I know. But if you like real food, you will love portuguese one!! :)

Pork rules in flavor!

In my opinion, if it is seasoned previously it gets even better! :)

Wow ,amazing recipe, fresh ingredients and a very good post at all!

Thank you so much!! I like to cook my best food on Sundays ;) It's when I have time to go to the market and to cook!

This is the same with me. In the week there are only fast recipes!

Fast recipes, leftovers from Sunday Cooks or simply a vegetable soul :p

Great thing!
I made pork with some Chinese recipe the other day, good for a change.

Thank you! :)

I cook pork often as it's one of my favorites! Unfortunately, it's not a healthy choice, but it's so tasty!! :p

Pork fat rules. #comfort-food is exactly right!!

Yes, you understand me!! :) This is also great grilled on charcoal!! I'll do it another time...probably not soon because we can't eat this fatty (and so tasty) food too often ;)