🍜 Best Food In Town- Restaurant Trattoria Portofino😋

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Hello dear Steemians

Eating Like God In Italy

A few days ago @charles-d and me had decided to go for some Italian food. The restaurant Trattoria Portofino is a very nice place with amazing food. As it has been very hot we started with two wheat beers König Ludwig from the barrel.

They have a great lunch offer where you have to pay only 8,50 Euro for mostly every pizza, pasta and salad included a soft drink too.

We choose something from the special card as we wanted asparagus. 

@charles-d ordered fresh noodles with asparagus

And me me asparagus with potatoes, Italian ham and hollandaise sauce

Conclusion: When it comes to Italian food, you'll love this restaurant. Everything is top fresh and tastes like on holiday. Thumbs up.

Panasonic DMC-LX 100 without editing

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Sieht echt lecker aus, toll jetzt bekomm ich grad Hunger 😅

Und auch die "Essen" mit Charles sind "back on steemit"...
Sehr schön!!! ;-)

Maybe one of these days I have buy you some beers! :)

We are very glad to know about this restaurant, the food looking so delicious and tasty and I hope you spent so enjoyable moment with your family friends..

waauuu a very delicious and delicious drink my friend, good night, how are you my friends, long did not meet us, please visit my blog once wrote plis @lichtblick

The truth that causes me such beers, they look very good.

Never been to an Italian restaurant but am always seeing and getting recommendations from people in relation to their restaurant meal on how delicious no matter how small its served. With what am seeing on that plate,well i barely even select food but i sure know i will lick my fingers when i taste that. If not its somtimes not that easy to find some ingredients on their meal i sure would try preparing some of their awesome meal just to know how nice it taste even if i wont get 100 percent the real taste. Thanks @litchblick for this awesome food you had.

Bon appetit for you... Your choice looks excellent!

foods that contain many nutrients. good for health.

looks healthy and delicious I a;so think of good virgin olive oil when I think of Italian food. Thanks @lichtblick

Willkommen zurück🤗 Italienisches Essen ist eines der Besten, sieht super aus😋

Nothing better than enjoying a good meal!

its so cool,,,cheers dear

It's great to see you back again great food at great restaurant, Great time spent with your friends and family.

a delicious beer to pass the time

Good price for a meal so complete and with a clean and tidy presentation. Regards!

sieht alles sehr lecker aus!! würde ja nen Guten wünschen, ist ja aber alles schon weg 😉

If they knew how to choose their food and drink; It looks great Thanks for sharing.
Good photos!

The truth is that I have had the opportunity to eat in Italian restaurants and those I have visited, the attention is very good as well as the quality of the menu they present, as well as the variety. The cerverzas look very good, nothing better than that to cool you down.

It looks delicious, the cuisine of Italy is the best, the fresh ingredients is what gives the best flavor, enjoy every moment!

I can't deny about the restaurant Trattoria Portofino that it is the best😋

Du bist wieder zurück mit dem leckeren Essen ;-)

the menu was nicely served and the dishes looks so interesting and yummy wow

This looks pretty epic and delicious wow you had such a delicious time

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