Vegan Diary: Vegan Egg

in food •  10 months ago

The supermarket’s vegan aisle can be an exciting place. Never was it more thrilling than when I saw this: Vegan Egg.


How could this be?

As I reached for the package—which looks ominously like a 2x2 egg carton—I noticed the price. $6.99!

I retreated.

But I could not get the Vegan Egg out of my mind. A few weeks later I caved. I breached the eggy paywall.

I initially expected four egg-shaped… somethings…

(One time I bought mini Scotch eggs and wondered why they didn’t contain tiny eggs.)

I got yellow powder.


The big question was: could I make it come?

Let’s Cook!





Ok... now let's cook!


After only a few seconds in the hot oil, it had already started to come.


Within a minute it came.


But then the unexpected: it began to not come.


And then, gradually, it came again.


Until it was pretty much come.


Then I banged it on some wholemeal.



Apart from being yellow, Vegan Egg is nothing like egg. Let me count the ways:

  1. It tastes of nothing
  2. It has the consistency of thick wallpaper paste (it does contain cellulose...)
  3. There is no three

Each packet comes with enough powder for 10-12 eggs. I will slog through the rest. My wife suggested adding BBQ sauce, which made it a bit more eggy, but not eggy enough.

On a macro level, Vegan Egg supported the ethos that there is no logic in trying to make plants resemble animal products. This does not include sausages or burgers, because they are also unnatural shapes for meat. But it does include egg.

Thank you, Vegan Egg. You have taught me much.

Thanks for reading.

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What !!!
They also have this vegan egg :O


It's probably the strangest 'food' I've ever eaten.


hahah and you survived :D just kidding at first it looked very weird to be honest

Well, at first I thought "this is actually a good idea"...

Until I saw the bag with the yellow powder. And not tasting like egg at all kills its purpose. It could be called vegan lasagna for that matter (expect that is actually a thing).

This looks like plain aggressive marketing (and expensive, on top of things) for vegans. And it apparently fools people into thinking it could be something valid.

No shape, no taste, nothing. Why is this in supermarkets? Who is this aimed at?

PS: It's a deceitful product, even by looking at the package shape: at first glance it looks like it contains four EGGS, but it's deliberate to fool people.


Let me start by saying that vegan lasagne is god damn delicious. @mermaid showed me how. The base is food processed black olives and cherry tomatoes. I used this vegan sausage I found too. It's somewhere on my blog I think... or hers... UPDATE: Here it is.

Further to this post I saw an official video of someone making scrambled Vegan Egg much better than I did. The trick may be a frying pan and some seasoning.

The 2x2 packaging was a little deceitful but it makes sense from a marketing point of view.


Oh, I love vegan lasagne (I just noticed in my previous comment I said "expect" instead of "except"), and this is the kind of replacement that I wouldn't mind having for the rest of my life. The ones I tried (home made) were delicious!

Maybe the vegan eggs have some "trick" to look better, but I doubt that they would taste much better than what you came up with. Also, how do you make fried eggs with that power? XD

I have to agree with you, the packaging is a bit fishy but also makes sense, it has the merit of capturing the attention of the egg-seeking customer.

PS: I have the utmost respect for vegans. I'm not one and at the risk of sounding a bit hypocrite, I admire their determination to avoid eating animals. I avoid touching some meat (piglets, for example, I hate the idea of what goes on with that), and also try to go mostly for soy milk, but going vegan would involve a lot of effort (wife and daughter going the same way), and we're still not there. The world needs more organic food and less animal slaughtering, that's for sure.


Good luck going vegan. I really miss eggs and cheese (and, annoyingly, Chicken McNuggets—I hate myself for this!), but the gruesome reality of the dairy industry (which is much more cruel than the meat industry) prohibits me.

Here's my improved Vegan Scramble with some chopped artichoke hearts.

IMG_0366 2.jpg

The egg I miss most is poached, but maybe I can use Vegan Egg to make some kind of benedict...


I know about the gruesome habits of the dairy industry, but wasn't veganism something that also avoided those products? Meat, any product from chicken, cows, and so on?

I may be missing something here, as I was convinced vegan was above all, good for the planet and to reduce the production of those savage industries.

Your eggs look good, but the taste, that's what matters :)

Thank you for making me knw how make this kind of so nice buh it is unfair cos I couldnt taste what you have just made. Lol

It sure seems new to me though ;)
It looks you managed it quite good!

Vegan Egg :-D , it may have protein just like a normal egg. How do they make it? I think it's from beans. :)


The ingredients are listed as:

Whole Algal Flour, Whole Algal Protein, Modified Cellulose, Cellulose, Gellan Gum, Calcium Lactate (Plant Source), Carrageenan, Nutritional Yeast, Black Salt.

I just saw a video of someone making scrambled egg out of this much better than I did. The trick may be a frying pan and some seasoning...

Your recipe for vegan egg is awesome. I love the idea, but I think let's name different other than egg.

boom you just banged it a treats for vegan people i like this

it looks tasty. I see first time vegan Egg.

how it tasted man was is nice or ok i want to test that out too

  1. It tastes of nothing
  2. It has the consistency of thick wallpaper paste (it does contain cellulose...)
  3. There is no three

I would not recommend it...

now i have seen everything in life a vegan egg can't believe

this food looks very good @lenskonig, thanks for sharing your recipe for making this meal. I will try to cook. Hopefully the result will be perfect as you.... :)


Thank you for that compliment.

The packaging is absurd given the contents.

I hoped for synthetic egg-shells you could actually crack open.

Seasoning is probably key.

Have you tried tofu scramble? I had it a few times in Montreal. It is better than eggs. Make it yourself or eat it here: