Mega Meal (Seitan Chestnut Roast, Leak and Chestnut Pie, Parsnip and Apple Veloute Soup, Pear Crumble, Raw Caramel Apple Cheesecake, and More Yummy Goodness)

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I had a wonderful Christmas meal in 2017. My girlfriend planned an extravagant feast that we both cooked up on the 24th and ate that evening. It was also our 3 month anniversary :)

I wanted to share the pictures and the recipes, because everything was so, so, SO good, and anyone can enjoy these great tasting dishes if they want to make them :)

christmas meal.jpg

There were 12 recipes to prepare (including the carbonated fruit drink) and two things purchased that we didn't have time or room to cook. It was a lot of work to cook, but worth it at the end to enjoy so many diverse flavors and tastes :D (btw, they are all plant/veggie recipes). Yum, so gooooooooooooood!

Take a look at this wonderful meal. The recipes will follow, but they are in French. You can use google translate or to find out what the ingredients are, as I didn't want to make this a huge long text post with the all 12 recipes listed. I doubt many people will make these dishes, let alone all of them :)

*Note: all of the "levure"/yeast called for is nutritional yeast, not baking yeast or beer yeast. I started to cook alone as my girlfriend was working that Sunday the 24th, so I made the mistake of using the wrong one and had to redo one of the recipes :/

The First Meal


Parsnip, Potato, Apple, Mushroom, Nutmeg and Cinnamon Veloute Soup


I like this soup so much. I have made it twice since Christmas :)

Pear and Mock "Fois Gras" Crumble


Falafels (Purchased)


Avocado Mock "Shrimp and Fish" Mini Salad (served in the avocado skin)


This one was based on a non-vegan recipe that my girlfriend veganized with mock fish and shrimp. It was really great tasting. She doesn't remember what original recipe she used, but here is one we found that is similar enough.

Russian Buckwheat Blini with Dill Sauce (and 3 toppings)


Marinated Rillettes


Seaweed Tartar


Mock Scandinavian "Cured Salmon"


As you can maybe tell, there are a few "sea" based topping for the Russian blini, as my girlfriend likes the sea-tasting food :)

Cranberry, Lemonade and Coconut Water Carbonated Beverage

The Main Meal




No recipe link for this one, as we didn't use a recipe ;). The greens are a uncommon salad green, I forget the name. The leaves are still branched onto a stem. Sorry I can't remember... it starts with an "L" I think... There is also radicchio, shallots, pomegranates, oranges, and a clementine-lemon cross small fruits, with a lemon based salad dressing.

Leak and Chestnut Pie


Seitan Chestnut Roast with Vegetables


The roast was purchased, not made ourselves. We didn't have time to make everything the same day, and this roast would have taken a few hours longer to make :/ The roast was really, really GOOD (as so was the aforementioned chestnut pie)!


Raw Caramel Apple Cheesecake


If you want an awesome raw vegan "cheesecake" tasting dessert, this one is hard to beat! So good, as you can see by how much we ate of it :)


Throughout the post you will also notice the Wood Log Candle Holders that I previously posted about.

That's all folks! :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the great meal my girlfriend and I made for Christmas 2017 :)

I hope it inspires people to try some of these recipes out :) Nothing is boring-tasting on a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle, unless you make it boring :)

Thank you for reading :) Take care. Peace!

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Omg you're killing me @krnel...!!! Dayam...........that pie...looks SOOO GOOD!!!!!!! Did you make the pastry yourselves too? You are champions in the kitchen!


LOL! I think we are going to try to make the puff-pastry ourselves at some point, but it was way easier to just by some. That stuff takes long to make, you have to thin it out, then fold over, and wait. Then repeat the thinning of the dough, folding over and waiting, multiple times... long long process... maybe we'll never do it :P Thanks!

I eat something similar to the avocado mock quite often but it looks a little bit different in my dish. I'll have to try a few of these recipes out cuz they sure look delicious!


Cool. The recipe was customized by my girlfriend, but it was so damn good :) The other food was great too. I hope you try some of them out :)

Such a feast you had there hehe.
This is my “after Christmas “ meal because I ate so much and gained like 10lbs .


Hehehe :P Well, for an after-Christmas meal, it looks good too. Nuts and fruit, yums :D

1:41 AM and I'm hungry x.x I'm not familiar with a lot of them but the pie, roast, and cheesecake did me in. Now I'm probably going to have to eat something to tide me over haha. But that aside, it must've been a long slave to prepare the feast. The best part though? The long time the feast required gave you and your gf precious bonding time. That's so romantic. Ack! I'm a sucker for these stuff xD


Hehe, yes the pie, roast and cheesecake were very delicious, among other things too :) Plant food tastes so good :)


Me Too!

All looks so amazing. It's really beautiful and artistic to me, to be able to make a nod to tradition and heritage and to the things people have been eating as Christmas/celebration meals, but recreate it in a way that doesn't take away any animal life.

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, and you're welcome. Good to see another who recognizes not taking other lives to satisfy their own pleasure when it's not even needed to survive anymore :)

this is how it's done and also doing that together with your girlfriend bonds you a lot more and also the whole process must have been really funny


Hehe, yeah teamwork is goof for building relations with anyone :)

Welcome back, mate.

I made my favorite pea soup for christmas eve and we had Rouladen and Klöse from my mother the 2nd day. You seem to have had a nice feast as well. All these pounds I got during the holidays... totally worth it :D


Thanks. Good stuff :) I don't gain much weight from eating food, fast metabolism ;)

You are so sweet. 3 months .. I wish you a nice 3 months living. The food looks great. I think white wine could have been great. Always be happy...


Thank you :)


You are welcome

Thank you for this beautiful recipe. I'll show my wife these recipes. She's interested in cooking at our house. I do what my dear wife said. :))) Yes our house patron she :)))) @krnel


You're welcome :) I hope your patron does cook them :)


Boss recipe cooked. It was very nice and delicious. She told me to thank you. :))) @krnel

Chestnuts roasted is all I know, and that they taste like chicken plus have a nice meaty texture to match. We put a chestnut by our gate and hope it springs to life then maybe we can put another to pollinate.


Sweet, I hope your tree grows well and bears good nuts for you in the future :)

All the meals look so yummy!

That raw caramel apple cheesecake looks so good, could you please share the recipe? 🤤

A can't believe a whole month has already passed since Christmas. 😱 I hope you enjoyed your 4-month anniversary ⭐️


The recipe's are linked int he titles of each dish :)


Really amazing set of dishes, colourful and also reflecting the deliciousness, and this post is also witnessing that you really enjoyed these dishes and had an great time. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Stay Blessed.

Wow really yummy!! I used to be vegan as an experimental phase and I really do miss how energetic and clean I felt! I want to try again and will be looking forward to your posts for guidance ^_^ I'm new here as well and just made my first post. Perhaps you'll check it out if you have time? Followed and upvoted Cheers! :)


You should learn more about why to be vegan, and that will motivate you to stay vegan :) Learn about moral veganism for why it's wrong to do what we do to other non-human animals that aren't our dogs or cats... and why it's better for the environment, and our own health :) Good luck!

mouth watering salad, sweet , had you both finished all the things?:)


Yes, we finish cooking things together, and also finished the leftovers together :P

It all looks incredibly tasty! I'll try some of the recipes here for sure!


Thanks :) Awesome, please do try :)


Oh, you can rest assured I will! :)

hmmm love those seafood/fishy stuff

You guys did a great job, with your christmas meal!


I just joined steemit, follow and I follow back and upvote

Looks so yummy!

woow his food special liat aja picture is already hungry, for for a little friend of his food @krnel

Really yammi you and your g.f did splendid job. I had also a wonderful Christmas meal,


This is such a beautiful Christmas meal, were you in India?

Mine my main meal wasn't that special but I did make a delicious non sugar vegan nut cake. Recipe coming soon!


I just joined steemit, follow and I follow back and upvote

check my intro out....
And article, Mc D’s vegan burgers
hope you like :) ✌ 🐮


Yum :) looks like a good dessert. I really like non-sugar recipes :)


lol my friend is Indian and she prepared that


Cool. I really like the leaf-plate idea :D


Its awesome...


thanks yah every one like this idea leaf plate,

I don't know where to start! So many recipes to put to practice :) But knowing that after going vegetarian years ago my boyfriend still misses fish from time to time, I think I'll start with the mock cured salmon.

It's nice to read that you had such a great time! :)


Love These Recipes! Thanks for your great comment @naydenova, you've got a new follower.

my God, that's outstanding! I wonder how much time did it take you to make all these?? I'm sure I would't have enough patience to cook that much, even for a holiday, but I would pay for someone to make it for me! ;) Love traditional veganized foods!
I'm new here, I don't know where're you from, but I saw Russian Blini here, do you have any connection to Russia? ;)

Mmmm. Looks so good. It's always nice to cook as a couple.

Vegan cheesecake sounds awesome, thanks so much for this post!! FOLLOWING YOU!

Woow saya sangat menarik dengan makanan ini.
Saya akan mencoba semua resep ini dengan pasangan saya.

Izinkan saya mencoba pak @krnel

very good