Frequent Traveller #16: SAS CPH Lounge Review

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Copenhagen Star Gold Business Class Lounge

The Business Class Lounge in Copenhagen is one of the best lounge in the Star Alliance Network in Europe. SAS has two Sections in Copenhagen, one for Business Class Customers and one for Star Alliance Gold Card Holders. The normal Business Class Lounge is on the left and the Star Gold Lounge is upstairs. 


Ticket Desk for Lounge Guests

Upstairs Area


Drink Bar

Bread, Cheese and Fruits

One thing which is great about SAS is the Intra Lounge Tickets Desks. Usually if you have a problem you don't have to go to crowded Ticketcounters the Lounge Staff will take care of that. You can relax in the lounge while they help you with re-booking etc. That was a Big Plus for me in the past. 

The Lounge in Copenhagen (CPH) had salmon in the past which was really a highlight because the Salmon was so frickin good.. Still their offerings is quite nice and I prefer the Lounge food over any Airline Food, as it is much healthier than the super salted food you get in the air. 

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Do you like SAS? Or which carrier is your favorite?

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