On the menu tonight...

in food •  5 months ago

Hey fellow Steemit peeps, it Monday here in New Zealand and its been another cold winters day - Perfect for a Thai beef Salad with some lovely NZ Eye fillet steak cooked on the BBQ
Reasonably healthy and so yummy i could have eaten it again!

Next on the menu tonight

What do you cats have on your menus tonight???

This is me @kiwiscanfly

All pictures are taken with my mangy iphone 6

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'Next on the menu tonight'

After that salad ... even more veggies? hahaha.
Peace ... and Enjoy!

Wow that meal looks delicious and I think I need to shift to the iPhone series! Coz these photography are soo sharp!


Looks pretty tasty but you need an i-phone 12 - get with the plot


i wish i could ditch it...how bout you give me $400k and i give up work...


You would just blow it all on a Lambo...

delicious food....awesome to look at

@kiwiscanfly great shot you took. Love the water drop tho. Its really cool. Thanks for sharing


thanks yeah i like it as well..

Sir sir... it must be yummy..
I wish.. I would be able to have this.
Mount is watering sir.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

so Delicious, hope you enjoyed this very much..

What a great effect the water has, it looks rather strange from that perspective. Very nice that image, regarding the food looks exquisite! I guess you enjoyed it.

Where's Smudge's plate?

Delicious But i phone6 is just Heavy Camera which ram in this


yeah ok you got me..i was gonna use the light one but got messed up and forgot where i put it




If you had a lighter phone you could take photos like this

yummy food dear