In this day n could call us strange

in food •  4 months ago

Its Monday here in New Zealand again & i am not sure where the weekend went, we were going to have thai beef salad again but we actually had leftover chicken from last night - so tonight was Chicken pasta :)
It was so yummy that i could eat it again..but maybe later as i am quite FULL - here we are just about ready to go
Our oldest Maya actually tried a bit of pasta and gave it a 6 out of 10 - she loves rating things lately, and Jacob had Spaghetti - a whole can :)

so what do i mean by strange?

Well we sit down together as a Family every-night @ the kitchen table and eat our meal TOGETHER which gives us a good chance to see how everyone's day went, and it also gives me a chance to tell Jacob - stop talking and eat your Dinner LOL

I know when i was growing up we always had dinner together @ the table, but we have lots of friends with kids that just let them eat all over the place and not together

Anyway so glad Monday is just about over..roll on Tuesday


yes thats Coke zero

This is me @kiwiscanfly
unnamed (1).jpg

All pictures taken with my stupid work phone - iphone6

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It's a good thought to have a dinner at table! So the family can discuss closely! A good habit indeed with delicious foods!



yeah i agree 100% - have a super duper day :)

Dinner at the table is important in my home too kiwi — like the way you roll! 😳😜🤩😂


nice..great minds think a like :)



Looks delicious in my hot summer days :)))


haha ...its freezing here..1 degree overnight..send summer now :)


O no! You had enough summer, now it's my turn :))))
The hot hug from me :)))

Bon appetite!

Memories are indeed pleasant buddy !

While do really have to say that the Pasta does looks pretty delicious !


yeah i agree - pasta was great good company as well :)

The only people eating together are you guys and these .....



Haha - thats gold...

very mouth watering food

wow grear food and great story enjoy tha life thanks for shere dear @kiwiscanfly

keep it up

You got a crush on this food picture, but now I do not have money like food in the hotel 😭😭😭

Chicken paste is really delicious, I've had months that I don't eat something like this. The dinner together is quite important, so we have the opportunity to talk with everyone and have a good time.

Well i would call it a chicken dinner with pasta ,so yumm so tasty...
May be you can share the recipe coz i am planning to make one myself....

yummy food dear friend

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