Flatbreads baked in a clay oven - with sheep's cheese, chanterelle sauce and other delicious toppings

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Flatbreads after garnishing with the appropriate toppings are delicious and charming. They grow wonderfully during baking, reminiscent of fluffy cushions. In this article I will tell you how to make flatbreads and give recipes for flatbreads and sauces for them (the best is chanterelles sauce).

A few days ago I participated in a workshop where we created such culinary wonders:

  • flatbreads with tomato and herb sauce + Polish farm cheese with black cumin + zucchini slices

  • flatbreads with cream sauce + chanterelles + gazdowski smoked cheese + eggplant slices + rosemary

  • flatbreads with olive oil and verbena pesto

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Recipe for flatbreads and sauces

I obtained the recipes in this article from the person running the culinary workshop.

Vegan version - ingredients

300-400 g (equal about 2.5 cups) of flour

300-400 ml (equal about 12 oz) of water

Some salt - half a teaspoon

A little sugar

Yeast version - ingredients

300-400 g (equal about 2.5 cups) of flour

300-400 ml (equal about 12 oz) of water

Some salt - half a teaspoon

A little sugar

1/5 cube of yeast

Some warmed milk

How to make them

We kneaded the dough and created small balls.

Then rolled the dough flat. At the workshop we had a specific roller at our disposal - a long, flat, rolled stick. It was perfect. Very quickly, it was possible to obtain a suitable, thin dough.

It was interesting to observe what fancy shapes of flatbreads came out to various people.

The next step was to put the rolled out dough in a pre-heated clay oven or on a pizza baking stone. It's best done with a wooden shovel.

You can also bake flatbreads in a well-heated, DRY pan or on a baking tray in the oven. The flatbreads bake very quickly - they are ready in a minute or two.

Chanterelle sauce - marvelous !!!

We started making chanterelles sauce by braising onions on a large amount of butter. We also added a pinch of salt.

Then we were braising chanterelles, not too long because they would become bitter.

Then added sour cream - 30 and 36 percent and some sage (in leaves), purple and green basil and ground garlic.

Tomato sauce

You can use fresh tomatoes or passata, garlic, olive oil, oregano, purple and green basil, some sugar and some salt.

Have you ever eaten flatbreads or would you like to try? I encourage you, they are made quickly and can be a nice alternative to bread.

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