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Wauw! You have seriously outdone yourself! Quality and everything of the post is just fantastic! Its such a bummer I find bloody marys the most disgusting things ever, but damn woman: you are making me rethink this and giving it an other try. :D


Haha! Happy you found this tipple tempting @karinxxl! When I was very young I never understood how someone could drink a Bloody Mary, until I discovered it tastes like liquid spicy shrimp cocktail sauce with booze.

I think the key is finding a version of the recipe that works for your palette. Cheers!

hahahhaa shrimp cocktail sauce even, you make it sounds better by the second!
The last time I had one was at the Sint Martin Yacht Club, a place notorious for its bloody marys, so when a while back i decided to temper my epic hangover (this is actually a big while back now I realize), it didnt fall really good. Maybe the hangover was bigger than Mary :D

With this weeks Regatta just around the corner here I might need a new reason to give it a retry. Boats and Booze =....

Any excuse to give try it again sounds like a good one. Have fun! ; )

yeah, it really does look like it could be a whole delicious meal in one, with a nice kick in the pants to boot! throw in some shrimp, and you're set for brunch with a a spicy shrimp salad + cocktail all in one, ready to go! lol

That's the way to do it! ; )

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