How to cut an onion without spilling a single tear?

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We all suffer sometime when cutting onions. This is due to a compound called lachrymatory factor or FL, which releases a chemical that, upon contact with our eyes, causes us to be filled with tears.

Beyond the homemade tricks that we all know and once tried and did not work, know these cooking tips that are infallible to cut onions without crying.

Freeze it

The cold slows down the effect of the gases that produce tears. Place the onion, once peeled, in the freezer and leave it for 30 minutes before beginning to cut it.

Soak it in cold water

Cut it in half and put it in a bowl of cold water for a few seconds. When you remove it, dry it and make sure to drain all the water.

Another option is to place it under the cold water jet of the sink and wash it once you cut it in half.

Wears glasses

If you are too intolerant to the gases expelled by the onion, you can try using a pair of glasses or goggles like those used in swimming. In this way, you will prevent gases from coming in contact with your eyes.

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