Oyster breakfast at Bastille market in Paris

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Hey Steemians, happy Sunday! Greetings from Paris. Last time when I met my friend @liflorence here, she told me not to miss Bastille market and now I’m here!

The market was super busy, full of stalls selling clothes, fruits&veg, snacks, juice, etc. My main purpose is to have some fresh oysters here, for breakfast 😊


Moroccan bakkery and fresh juice.


Here is the oyster stall, there were already people queuing, the stall is big, you won’t miss it for sure.


Price: 12-19€ (according to the size and type) per 9 fresh oysters

You can get some free wine to go with your oysters if you want. Everyone is so happy :)




Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed Bastille Market.

Joy is a half-time world traveller, half-time Steemit blogger, based in Belgium.

You are welcome to leave any comments below. :P

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I love raw oysters but I also soak them a little vodka first ... vodka for breakfast might not be the best idea:) Great share, Joy:)

I went there a few years ago as well, its such a lovely market and has so much history. Am really missing the oysters!!!

What do you like about Paris?

哈哈,从中亚回来,应该是很久没有吃过oyster 啦

What kind of devince dp you take these photos with?

I enjoy looking at those oysters ~~ yummmm!!!
Ohhh dearie!!!

Wow! Really I amazed at the place! And these oyster is really yummy! Seafood is my favorite more than meets... (^_^)

First time to know that there is a place on PARIS like these... (^_^)

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That looks like so much fun! And delicious. Enjoy Paris! 💖

Thanks for coming by, Katrina! Yeah, the market was amazing! I had a lot of fun there. :p

哇!!! 大生蠔啊!!! @@

对 吃的非常爽!