Fukuoka: the paradise of Japanese ramen 🍜

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Do you like ramen, the Japanese noodle soup? If you are a big fan of ramen, you must have heard of Hakata Ramen. Many say it is the best pork bone broth ramen (tonkotsu) in Japan. Hakata is a ward of Fukuoka city. This Japan’s sixth-largest city, capital of Kyushu Island, is well known for its various and tasty ramen. You can find both chained and independent ramen stalls easily at every corner of the city.


Ichiran Ramen is the most famous ramen chained restauranr specialising in pork bone broth ramen. This worldwide chain began in Fukuoka as a humble ramen stall in 1960 and now you can find it even in New York city. In Fukuoka I found its main shop, look how many floors it has! So huge for a ramen restaurant. I think it would be nice to sit on the highest floor, have a ramen with beautiful view of Nakasu district of Fukuoka city.



Inside the big shopping compact Amu Plaza Hakata, near JR Hakata station, there is a popular indoor "ramen street" (yes, inside the shopping center) where you can find a full floor of small ramen restaurants. Inside Hakata City, there's not only ramen street, there's also a "drink street" full of bars. Maybe because Fukuoka is cold during the winter, so it's better to drink in the "drink street" inside the shopping mall instead of a real street outside XD



Sichuan Dan Dan noodle is also popular in Japan.



I tried the tonkotsu ramen there and it was great! If you are a ramen fan, don't forget to put Fukuoka in your travel bucket list in your next Japan trip.



在博多站的购物中心,有一层叫做 “博多拉面街”。里面有一些拉面店特地装修成露天“屋台”小吃的样子。(福冈还保留了很久以前的室外“屋台”的文化,有空我也来写写这里屋台文化。)我觉得室内拉面街这个概念很有意思,在这个购物中心,除了有拉面街,还有纪念品街,酒吧街…… 还是很聪明的,毕竟今年九州那么冷,在室内喝酒就舒服多了。我进去了一家做豚骨拉面很有名的拉面店,的确超好吃!



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well i heard from my japanese friends that noodles so spices right ?


Thanks for commenting, top-ten. There’re different kinds of ramens the one I have isn’t spicy.

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Yup. We'd been to that Ichiran headquarter branch in Hakata.
Fukuoka is really famous for Ramen. Can be found everywhere.
Unlike other places, eg Sendai, where it's so difficult to find a Ramen shop.
Thanks for sharing!


You are very welcome, jrvacation. Thanks for commenting!

How was Ichiran headquarter? Next time I would love to try it out!
Sendai! You have some tasty Gyutan there hmmmm my mouth is watering.


Hi @joythewanderer,
You know what, you'd already been there! 😄
That first photo in this post is the 一蘭本社総本店, their main office.
Gyutan, not really a fan of it. We tried it with much anticipation on our first day in Sendai, but didn't quite like it. 😞
Anyway, I am posting all about my Japan trips over the years, will be happy if you could drop by and follow us. See ya. @jrvacation

I like how Ichiran's broth has a smooth texture and balanced flavor.


I absolutely love Ramen but it has been almost 5 years since I was in Japan. Would love to go back sometime soon.


Thanks for commmenting, supernovastaffy. I hope you can catch a direct flight from where you live then :)

Maybe you don´t believe but I never ate ramen - the Japanese noodle soup :D But it looks so yummy! I will try it soon ;) You make me hungry ha haa :)


Hey liltammy, maybe in Mexico you can find some noodle soups that are similar to ramen, such as Chinese noodle soup :)




Wuhuuu, we share the same favorite ramen restaurant!:-) I always wanna buy a plane ticket to japan when i see Ichiran!!;-)


If you like Ichiran, next time, you shouldn't miss Fukuoka, the hometown to Ichiran.