「This is Iran」#3 Dizi is more than a dish in Iran.

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Dizi is a popular highlight of Persian cuisine. It's unique, delicious, and fun to eat. They say the best dizi is in Tehran area but I was eating it every city I went to. It has been my favorite Iranian food. Today I'd like to introduce this interesting dish to you. Hopefully you can find it in one of those Iranian restaurants in your city and maybe give it a try one day.

Dizi is traditionally cooked in a stone pot or a metal pot, it is usually made with lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes, turmeric, and dried lime nowadays. However back hundreds of years ago, it was only made of lamb and chickpeas, plus herbs, without any other vegetables. The most interesting part was how you eat it.


My host Hossein in Shiraz took me to a traditional Persian restaurant to eat. It seemed so fun and cozy to me. I think it's great to have dinner here friends and family.




Dizi can be served as a whole or divided and served in two parts. If served divided, like in the restaurant where I met up with an Iranian Steemian, @meysam, in Tehran, the strained broth would be placed in a large bowl. The remaining ingredients (all in big pieces) need to be mashed together with a goosht-koob (masher). You can choose how hard you like to mash.


I think mashing all the ingredients could be tiring and time-consuming, but that is also the fun part of the food. Imagine all of you and your friends mashing dizi together, a lot of fun.


Now one of the four Dizi is fully mashed.


After it is mashed, pull it into the bowl, which makes it much easier to eat.


Normally Dizi is also served on the side with pickles, sabzi khordan (a kind of fresh herb) and raw onions. I don't eat raw onions but herbs truly help it feel less heavy to eat since Dizi consists of a lot of meat.


I love the Iranian bread, it's kinda similar to the Indian naan.
Bon apetit!


今天我想介绍一道有意思的伊朗菜叫做Dizi。去过伊朗的人会注意到,伊朗人喜欢吃烤肉,街上有很多卖烤肉烤鸡的餐馆。烧烤当然很好吃,但是对我来说还是有点太干了,我更喜欢汤汤水水的菜。其实伊朗也很有很多好吃的炖菜的,比如现在我要介绍的这道Dizi其实是一道类似炖羊肉的菜。有的伊朗人告诉我德黑兰的Dizi最好吃,不过自从在设拉子的朋友们带我去了这个传统的饭店吃过以后,在每个城市我都找来吃,在德黑兰的最后一天,我还找了伊朗的Steemit朋友 @meysam一起吃Dizi。





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nice !!!!!! upvoted

Thanks a lot :D

one can feel the love and acre going into this dish-would truly love to try this-wish you a marvelous weekend

Sounds such an interesting dish

Thanks mate!

You’re welcome

A beautiful place with many forms of food @joythewanderer

Thanks for commenting XD

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This food looks a lot like Indian food. I would love it if they leave the meat out. You took some great photos and wrote this up in an informative fun way. I really enjoyed your post.

That's exactly how I feel, some Iranian food does look similar to Indian food :D
Thanks for supporting, Rebecca :D

Look at you!!! Wandering and sampling the local delights! Totally awesome! Stay safe "Pretty Wanderer"!

Thanks XD XD

so cool!!

Thanks, Zumi!

Her zaman farkli lezzetler pesinde kosmusumdur. Hatta bu hayatimi yasayis seklimi bile etkilemistir. Sizinde boyle degisik bir konuyu ele almaniz degisik bir tat birakti bende. Paylasiminiz icin tesekkur eder basarilarinizin devamini dilerim. Turkish

Thanks for coming by, Turkish friend :D




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Great post Joy. I really want to visit Iran someday.

Thanks seanish! I think you will for sure like Iran!


其实11月的时候晚上有点冷了。遮起来挡风取暖 哈哈!

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I love it...there is always so much action in your posts :-) sometimes you are smashing plates and now you are mashing soup lol.
I wonder if there is also a vegetarian dizi, because I wouldn`t eat poor baby sheeps (lamb), because I feel sorry for them.
I am also glad you found the way to my blog aswell Joy ;-) thank you for your upvote of my paragliding adventure in 360°.

Seems like I really like the plates haha.
I think there's also a vegetarian dizi, I hope so anyway, then what would the alternative for lamb, you think?
You have some nice 360° posts, very interesting, keep on going :D

Thanks. Yes, maybe lamb could be substituted using seitan (vegetarian sausages and "steaks" are often made from seitan which actually is weed protein). I don´t like tofu so much.

Awesome Come back my profile

Looks really nice! And what an unusual travel destination!! Nice!