An Ethiopian Food and Culture Evening

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I live in Leuven, which is home to Belgium's oldest and biggest university, KU Leuven. Every year many international students come to study here, those different student communities often host different events to present their local food and culture. Through years, I got to know many friends from all over the world, many of whom have inspired me in many aspects. Thanks to them, eventually I've developed my dream of travelling the world.

Last night there was an Ethiopian Art Evening organised by the Ethiopian student community, together with an international cultural centre called Pangaea. I've tried the Ethiopian cuisine before and loved their pancakes. It's always nice to study a bit more of the culture of the country.


The location was inside KU Leuven's Group T college/campus. The college of school for technical and industrial engineers is especially active in international cooperation's with universities in China too. You can study Chinese language in the Confucius Institute here. I use to follow several language courses in this building and always loved how cool the architecture is.


The main hall of the Group T campus

Ethiopian students in traditional clothes



Inside the main hall, different aspects of the Ethiopian culture were exhibited, including photography (portrait, daily life and Ethiopian nature) and some old Ethiopian artefacts.

The Dinner (Injera and Wat)


Injera is a traditional Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali bread (the Ethiopian version is with typical spongy texture). On top of Injera, different kinds of Wat are served. Wat is a stew or curry like dish, usually made of chicken, beef, beans and other vegetables.


The Coffee Ceremony


The coffee ceremony is an important part of Ethiopian culture. Firstly, the washed and selected coffee beans are roasted. Afterwards the grinded coffee beans are added in the traditional clay-made coffee pot called Jebena and the coffee is served in a small, handleless cup.

The scattering of grass on the ground during the ceremony reminds us of the dove returning to Noah’s ark with the green stalks. And the aromatic smoke is to offer Gods.


Location: !steemitworldmap 50.877098 lat 4.700260 long d3scr

Joy is a half-time world traveller, half-time Steemit blogger, based in Belgium.

You are welcome to leave any comments below. :P

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"Not all those who wander are lost. " - J. R. R. Tolkien

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Seeing the word "ethiopian" in the title, I thought you went to that country.


I wish haha, still need to visit the country :P

Some great artwork on display there.

还是有点不习惯他们那个发酵的用来包食物的卷,不习惯那个酸酸的味道,but it's an interesting experience!



I would definitely try Injera with those Wats, what kinds of them are served?

Also I like initiatives that lets You integrate with other cultures :)

Hi Joy! They have given you a paper plate... so you cannot smash it?
Looks like good food... but I don't eat meat. Take care!


Still I almost dropped that paper plat! They have the vegetarian version, I forgot to mention :p

Thats what I love about travelling explore different culture . Taste and smell!
:) Enjoy your weekend and smile :)


Thanks liltammy! Have a great weekend too!

Ethiopian food is a cuisine I've yet to try. That plate sure looked delicious. There is a restaurant down the street. You may have inspired me to try it.


Hey Pryde, I think it's definitely worth a try especially you have one right down the street. Let me know if you like it if you go there to try :P

Cool exhibition! I start to miss Leuven - always full of cultural events! I bought some of their traditional dresses when I was in Ethiopia, looking the same as the girl's in your picture. They love injera there! Do you like it? Kind of special flavor to me. I like the Wat more. :)


Hahah you are always welcome back here. I think injera is ok, a bit sour, but I love the Wat as well!

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Thanks for letting me know, you are sweet :D

special food, very useful for all of us, hopefully @ jhoni can travel and enjoy it, I have followed you and will be present always, albeit late, because there are activities. success for you and happy, I have your votes @joythewanderer


Thanks jhoni, I wish the same for you too.

Wow! Ethiopian culture is one of a kind. It's believed that the garden of eden was in Ethiopia. Nice food in pic too. Thanks for great work posted here.

it really great artwork


Thanks for coming by, ashokroy!



Had my first (and only, so far) Ethiopian meal in a restaurant of Athens, ten years ago :) Thanks for reminding me, it was very good, and just like what you show here :)

Such a great post! Student life is amazing and full of interesting adventures. It's great that your University has such a wonderful tradition to learn about the culture of different countries. I think such events are very interesting and informative. And it perfectly brings together students from different countries. Just a great idea!

a very luxurious campus with lots of education, good post friends.


Thanks putry!


You are welcome

It is a very nice to learn somethings about a different culture especially their foods it is my favourite;)


Thanks for coming by, ellaironheart.

I suggest also try Indonesian cuisine, this recipe I share

Never seen food like this but I would love to try! :)) Was it good? :)


It was great. Do you like Indian food? Then you'll like the wat on top of the pancake. The pancake itself is a bit sour but good, I liked it.

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Wow this food is delicious .It is my favorite food.thanks dear sharing this food post..

Wow the food looks very interesting. A bit similar to Indian food and looks healthy as well. Even the clothes are very nice.
Lovely photos :)

Wonderful works of art that show in your post, appetizing food and wonderful presentation. I loved it. I congratulate you. I vote for you
I invite you to visit my last post and vote for me.

Believe me this is fabulous