@jessamynorchard’s (unexpected) Steemit Depression Vacation - Part One of Three: The Food

in food •  11 months ago



Let me know what you think about this format! I like the way it looks, but let me know what you think!

Unless otherwise credited, photos were taken by me (@jessamynorchard) with an iPhone 6+, and edited in Adobe Lightroom for iOS, as part of my mission to make the most of my available technologies to make valuable, high-quality Steemit content.

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I'm LOVING the format!!! I guess i should be a little less lazy and try out something like pages!!


I wouldn’t say it necessarily takes less or more time, honestly...the uploading process is faster, of course, but the formatting and stuff takes the same amount of time I’d spend coding if not a little more. Either way, I think it’s fun to experiment with new methods of presentation and I think I’ll roll with this for a while and see how it goes.

It would be a fun way to present your photos, though, @jasonrussell. In a different and unique way than they normally are presented here.

I must say, I missed half of the content because I was busy ogling over your presentation! I’ve been anxiously awaiting your comeback material ;) On my way back to re-read now.

P.s.: Pesto...


PS: Love you. <3

Looks great, makes the urge to leave everything and try to prepare a good meal

Thank you

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Looks like a good format to me. Even checked the night mode.


Thank you for that feedback, brother! It is much appreciated, and always a pleasure to hear from you! I’ve missed my community but I’m ready to get out of this hole and back with my tribe.

I hope you and yours are doing well. Thank you again for the tech feedback!! Much appreciated, @papa-pepper! <3

First of all... Mmmmmm, cheese!!! I'll have to try the baked brie. Never had it before! And second, I like the layout and look but the text is super tiny!!! Otherwise, it's beautiful!!! 💚


Next time we come over to the house, I’ll bring a baked brie for us. We can call it “double baked” brie. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA #getit


Oh yeah! 🤓 It sounds so yummy!


Yasss!!! I’ll bring the stuff to make it and then just throw it in the oven so we can have it at perfect temp. Can’t wait!! :)


I'm already drooling! Haha! Having Davis cook for us all these years has really opened up my mind to trying new stuff! Can't wait!

I think I missed part of the format, viewing on mobile, but the aesthetic is very nice. Baked Brie is fantastic. I love it with apricot jam, or honey and walnuts/pecans. Aldi is my Brie go-to. Way cheaper than the "major" brands, if there is such a thing with Brie. Ha! And, homemade pesto- a thousand times, yes. So good. So, so good.


Thom! Glad to see you here! Aldi is my go-to for so many things. That store is bombzillla.


Very glad to be on here, and to see great folks like yourself!

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Wow, this looks really good. How did you make your blog look like that?


As you know, I’m always experimenting with limited technologies to make things look so as cool and professional as possible, so when I downloaded the latest upgrade for the ipad I was generously gifted, it has a greatly expanded Pages app, and I’ve been experimenting with it!

@jessamynorchard I will listen to anyone babble about pesto and cheese, especially when there are pictures involved. Beautiful post! I love brie, and so does my spoiled dog. Have you ever tried Kalamata olives in your pesto? I don't have an exact amount for your recipe, but obviously just enough to accent the flavor of the pesto, not too much. I'm not huge on olives, but Kalamatas are a great addition to pesto when used subtly.