Eating Lebanese Food In Cambodia

in food •  9 months ago

Today I was strolling down the Mekong River and stumbled across a restaurant called "Hummus".

It was a Lebanese restaurant which we thought would give us a break from eating noodles and rice for the last two months so we gave it a go.


Andddd the food was incredible I went for a type of wrap/burrito type thing called a shawarma and a bowl of hummus. Both of which were just delicious 😍 If any of you are in Phnom Penh I'd definitely recommend you go.


The shawarma Cost us $3 and the hummus cost $2 so incredibly cheap for the quality. Here's a link to the restaurants Facebook page so you can find them 😊


Thanks for reading I'll have more food and restaurant reviews soon.


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Hi Ben, good to know. I am planning a trip around the world for the next year so I will follow all the travelers in order to learn as much as I can. Looking forward for your next posts


No worries I can answer most things about South East Asia 🌏

A really good size, tasty hummus and a good thickness of wrap. I love how they were toasted slightly once made too. Lebanese salads look really good too, great presentation @itsben.