Happy Holidaze To All I Guess LOL

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Happy Holidaze To All I Guess!

Been busy doin this and that, getting bored and everything in between. So here is a post for photographic evidence that I am indeed somewhat in the holiday spirit.. enjoy these pbchocchip cookies that I was sweating my ass off making today... along with a coconut cream pie as well. And now I am done. :D

Take a look at that dough, mmm good shit right there! And below is fresh out the oven.. can ya smell em? LOLZ :D

Time for some poker right now I think, a nice little distraction from the daily bs that I endure. And since I was given homework... thanks to the one and only... @snook this will make a nice little substitute lmao. :D

I hope that everyone has a good xmas!

And with that I bid you a farewell!


These cookies looks really delicious 😋 absolutly my kind of sweets... You really in christmas spirit, that is awsome... I baked at work with the kids but honestly been slacking at home 🙈 OMG... Lol

I wish you a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may your wishes come True my friend 🤗❤️🎅🎄🎁💋

Aww, thanks! Yes these are indeed awesome cookies, hopefully one day I can give you the hookup on some.

I hope you do as well, and enjoy the holidays with your family! And give Bobby a treat from me too. LOL :D

!giphy Merry+Christmas

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HA!!! those look SOOOOOOOOOO great :D

You crack me up!!

Ahahaha :D Yeah I ate too many when they were coming out too.. now I am pb'ed out! :D

Those look good man.

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Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Thanks! Hope you are having a good Xmas Eve, get all prepped and ready for the festivities ahead! :D