I Ate - Authentic New York Style Bagel Sandwich

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The best way to have a bagel in New York City.

A sliced bagel smeared with cream cheese, capers, and smoked salmon. New York is known for its bagels but I think one of the best ways to enjoy them are in sandwich form. Below I break down the ingredients in detail and why I chose the ingredients.

Poppyseed Bagel

The poppyseed bagel gives the sandwich texture without overwhelming the flavor. You don't want too much flavor in the bagel as it will overwhelms the flavor of the other toppings inside. Perfectly chewy and slightly toasted is the consistency you want.

Plain Cream Cheese

Again, I want to keep the side ingredients very simple. No scallions, no special flavor on the cream cheese. Just a simple cream cheese flavor and creamy texture to highlight the next ingredient and highlight of the sandwich the...

Nova Scotia Samon

Not to be confused with "lox" which is cured salmon. Nova Scotia is cured and then cold smoked for that extra smoky flavor. Brings together the sandwich into a perfect smooth raw fish flavor with a hint of smokiness. This is the main component of the sandwich and why I love it so much.


Capers are edible flower buds that add that last contrast to all the ingredients. It looks kind of strange like a green berry. Capers have a somewhat sour taste (almost like a pickle) and it's purpose is to bring out all the flavors together - similar to what salt does for food. This is another crucial ingredient to getting that authentic taste!

With that, you have an amazing bagel sandwich. 

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this food is very tasty

Thank you. It was :)

Awesome food posts! Ill be following for more, keep it up.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks! I will follow you as well. I see you post places from Indiana?