African Kitchen: Rice and Stew

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Rice and stew is a delicacy in Africa. It's one of my favorite meals because it's very delicious and very easy to make.



It doesn't take time at all.

So today, I'll be teaching you how to make it. Are you ready?
I'll be starting with the preparation of stew.



Firstly you rinse your washed pot thoroughly. After doing that, make sure your cooker is on for your pot to sit on.

Make sure your pot is very hot. So as to make your vegetable oil free of water. Because it wouldn't be good for you to pour your vegetable oil inside a pot that contains water you need a dry pot for the preparation of your stew.

Incase you still have a wet pot, make sure you find a way of draining out the water from your pot.

After you must have drained your pot. You can now pour your vegetable oil into your pot. You can then leave your oil for a few seconds. While doing this, you can still be doing other things in the kitchen.

You can now go back to your pot and pour your pepper. The pepper is a combination of red pepper, tomatoes and your onion. When it's being grounded together.

After you're done pouring your pepper into the pot, add your maggi, salt, and your curry and thyme and a little quantity of water. And you might also decide to add your ginger seasoning to it also.

Cover it for five minutes for it get steamed.

After your stew must have gotten steamed, you can now add your fish, meat or any other thing you want to add to your stew. So, Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes, and you're good to go. Your stew is done.

And for the preparation of rice.

It's still the same process, it's only that you'll have to start the cooking of your rice with a warm water, although it's not a must. We all have preferences.

Get a clean pot. After you must have rinsed it. Pour a measured quantity of water in the pot. My reason for using the word measured is because rice has to do with measurement. It's different from stew.

You don't have to measure your stew.

Add some quantity of salt to your water. You don't have to wait for the water to get boiled before you pour your rice in it. So, while your water is on the cooker you can start washing your rice.

You can wash it twice or thrice. Any way you wish to. So, after washing your rice you can now pour it in the pot for it to get boiled.

So cover it for ten to fifteen minutes to get done. And you're good to go. Although some people enjoy filtering their rice. Some one like me enjoy filtering mine in order for it to have a nice look.

So can you now see that Rice and stew is very easy to cook. You should also give it a try, you'll love it. I made mine this afternoon, so I decided to share it with you.

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