What's For Breakfast?

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Not too long ago on a Sunday, our family went out for a shopping trip. It was almost dinner time so we stopped at a restaurant to eat. This particular restaurant offers a Sunday brunch buffet, and young kids eat free.

We considered it, however, as we looked around we noticed there weren't enough options to choose from (at least for my son). There were plenty of carbs in the form of pancakes, rolls, and fruit. Pork in the form of sausage links, patties, etc. (We don't eat pork.) And of course scrambled eggs. (And that's if they don't add pancake batter to fluff them up.)

The Big Man and I wondered how our culture got to this way of eating for breakfast. Esentially all eggs, pork, and bread products. I really don't know. But I know we had to opt for the dinner menu that day.

Last night I was looking up freezer-ready keto meals. I don't know if I'll actually get around to preparing all those recipes, but it would sure make my life a lot easier! They separated the recipes by meal, and again I noticed the same breakfast theme here! Frankly, I'm just fine skipping breakfast, but my kids are usually hungry first thing in the morning.

But in all seriousness, how did we get to this place where only certain foods are for breakfast? I think I'm going to have to brake the mold and get creative.


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Agreed, breakfast food as least out to eat is either a pork fest or a sugar carb fest!!!!

Isn't it crazy? Why? Cheap food maybe?

I think the cost does make a big difference. Yes pork is cheap, you can feed it just about anything and it will eat it. Think about a cow, you can't give it slop...it won't eat it. So to feed a cow you have to have certain feed! I also think there is a spiritual aspect as well. God calls the swine an abomination and the enemy knows that and has been using that to defile God's people for a long time now!

Howdy hebrewhousewife! I agree, get creative! Keto is super tough, especially if you don't eat pork. We follow it about 90% just because the choices are so limited unless you spend alot of time custom making dishes in the kitchen and neither of us have time for that at this point.

Is your diet primarily Keto without pork? And if so where do you get your recipes. Dr. Colbert just came out with a great Keto shake as a meal replacement so eventually I want to do that to simplify things.

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