I Can't Believe It's KALE Burgers! Too Good to be True! 😍 (Vegan, Gluten Free)

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Did someone say (really) healthy (too good to be true) burger? Vegans and their kale, amiright? What if that kale was hidden in a delicious burger, would you be into it?


As you all know by now if you've seen me before, I am a huge advocate for getting my food from the local, organic farmers! Last week, my generous farmer, knowing how much I love how good kale is for me (because we have a relationship now, not like a grocery store!) sent me home with a GIANT bag of green goodness! I was on a mission to make sure it all went to use and wasn't only the lead role in a salad... that's when these babies showed up and I just had to share their deliciousness with you! Don't roll your eyes like my dad! They're super yummy, I promise!

Here's the truth about vegan/veggie burgers... sometimes they don't stay together so well so then all kinds of fillers end up in the ingredients ruining all the health of it. Not these bad boys. They stuck together like a dream! Did I mention that you can't taste the kale (that was a big worry for my dad when I was telling him about these!)

Let's get the show on the road, shall we?!

What you need:


I made a HUGE batch (over 20) so for measurements, you're going to have to improvise and take 50% kale, and 50% kidney bean, corn, eggplant and sweet potato in each patty, with enough soaked chia seeds to make it all stick. I know this is throwing you into the deep end a bit, but I am super confident you can figure it out!

  • Kale (juiced, using only the fiber)
  • Kidney beans (soaked overnight)
  • Corn (cooked)
  • Sweet potatoes (cooked)
  • Eggplant (cooked)
  • Chia seeds (soaked in water)
  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Black Pepper
  • Turmeric
  • Sea Salt
  • Coconut oil (for frying)

What to do:


  • Place all ingredients (except chia) into a food processor and blend together.
  • Try to keep your ratio 50% kale, 50% veggies with spices to your pallet!
  • Save the chia for the next step!


  • Put your mixed up ingredients into a bowl and manually mix with your hands,
  • Chia is needed to keep these sticking together. (When chia is soaked in water it is known as a chia egg)
  • Continue to add in small amounts of chia egg until you get the consistency you like, making it easy to ball up into your hands!
  • Make mixture into patties and either bake them or fry them gently with coconut oil (I don't have an oven so I fried mine)


  • Cook on each side for about 5 minutes, until you get your desired level of crispy!
  • Serve with some homemade tomato vegan 'cheeze' sauce if you like it saucy like that ;)
    (If you want that recipe, you'll have to stay tuned because I didn't document it and will need to redo it again to share it in its glory with you!)



Who would have thought kale could taste soooo good! I love anything that comes in the form of a burger... veggie burgers and I are having a love affair at the moment so stay tuned as I try out different varieties and of course share them all here with you!

Sending you love through (plant-based/vegan) food, as always! If you are new here, it's great to have you here!
I am obsessed with food as you'll surely see, and I am a strong believer in the power it has within it, and the ability it has to heal us! I aim to inspire through my recipes and posts and hope to connect with you here, through your heart. Some say the way to the heart is through the stomach, I 100% agree with that theory ;)
I believe in sharing what makes the heart happy, if you'd like to see more, come on by @heart-to-heart!😘

Here is a recent recipe for my all time favourite dessert, ever! check it out here!

PS: I am also running veganwednesday challenge every week! See here for more details on how to participate (and win by sharing some love!)

Until next time,
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Only if could go vegan ;) Great post

Oh @geekgirl you can with my delicious recipes ;) I always tell my clients to start small and just do what feels right for them! I never in my life thought I would be able to do it and yet here I am ;) <3 I love the food I make so much that I never even miss anything! I have a substitute for anything I would ever want to eat haha I love food too much to ever feel like I am sacrificing ;)


rawsome :-)

These are really great, I was very impressed with how they turned out as they were just an experiment to start off with ;)

hy i am fatamasultana.... new steemit users.... plz flowing me and upvote plz...

It is a very simple and tasty recipe, I will try it too

Great =D Let me know how you like it <3

It seems to me that I feel this magical taste right now! I have too rich a fantasy! Here in Germany, every day I find new places for vegans! Burgers for vegans are usually done using peas, which causes a strong flatulence in the intestine! Do you have such problems? 😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗

I try not to eat out to much, vegan food can be very delicious, but most of the time I prefer the simple stuff to not strain my digestion all the time. BTW Are you from Berlin?

Hello my friend :) Beans and peas can cause indigestion but I should have mentioned that I soak mine overnight which makes them more easily digestible! I never eat without soaking, it's too hard on my stomach! That should help! Let me know if you're able to try this way or if you need more advice, you know I would be happy to help <3 Sending you love!

Woow, these look insanely good :) Do you think it's possible to blend the kale in a normal blender? I don't have a juicer!

Hmmm very good question... I know you could but I don't know if it would then be too wet. I don't know how it would work. If a mixture is too wet, it doesn't stick together right and will need something to dry it up. You could add in some type of dry ingredient if you were going to do it that way... I would just worry that then it might be starchy! :S

They are so green and pretty, aren't they? ;) I hope you get to give them a try! <3

Looks delicious! So not dry at all? I've had some very dry vegan burgers before!

I'm eating plant based this week and will def try this this week x

No, not dry at all! They were perfect, honestly! I didn't expect them to turn out so delicious, but I have 3 mouths that can all vouch for that! ;) I'd love to hear about your plant based week, what's inspiring you to give it a go?

This looks delicious! It's all the ingredients I use most days made into a burger. I'll give it a try! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

Awesome! I would love to hear how it goes for you! One thing I am realizing I forgot to mention was that the kidney beans were soaked overnight first which just helps with digestion ;) Anyways, good luck with them and let me know <3

Wow!! Looks incredible tempting! My mouth - watering! 😲 😍

I know right? I'm sad there is no more... I am getting hungry looking at this ;) <3

Looks like something we call "mukimo" in my local language. Delish!

Oh really? I would love to hear about what that is! What is in it traditionally?

Hey please check out the following link >> http://jikonimagic.com/tasty-kenyan-mukimo-recipe

After the directions given, some people fry it to heighten the taste :)

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So cool! Thank you so much :) I love being able to share my recipes <3

Been a vegan and never had a drop of alcohol before 2010.
It's all changed now: eat, drink, and be merry! ;)

Mmm, that looks delicious! and SUPer healthy.. i Never normally eat kale, but im a gonna try this one .. when i do i will post ;-) and i have a lovely home made recipe to share very soon.. and i promise to enter properly this time! ;-0 <3

Hey @eco-alex =D I know kale can be well... difficult with its intense taste but the taste gets (happily) lost in the deliciousness of everything else so I am sure you'll like them! I hope you do give them a go and would love to see if you do! Thanks for understanding my dear <3 Would love to have you enter and would never hold it against you that you happen to be a friend ;) <3

Mmmmm yummy yummy! I adore kale and would be really happy if I was served these! They look fantastic, really tasty and colourful and packed full of good things!

Aww yes, these ended up being such a prize! I don't really like kale juice on its own, it's a bit much for me so this experiment really ended up being such a sweet surprise! I love using the 'leftover' products from juicing! <3 Happy to hear you liked them my healthy friend! I'd serve them to you anytime! <3

It looks so yummy my friend! Vegan it means more healthier, these a great dish, i love them .

Hi @creativewoman :) Sometimes vegan is healthier ;) Sadly, sometimes alternative brands make vegan burgers with lots of not so good ingredients though which is why I like to make my own. These ones are super healthy though ;) <3

If it would stay raw I would be sooooo into it :-D

You could definitely dehydrate these instead of frying them! Or bake them low enough to not compromise the 'raw' state. I would opt for that if I had those options but my dehydrator blew up the other day unfortunately and I don't have an oven here! I didn't mention that the kidney beans were soaked (a rule in my house) so, give it a go raw! ;)

Wow! I just joined steemit and am chuffed to bits with all the vegan goodness I'm seeing... Can't wait to get involved once I'm over the learning curve

If you need any help, feel free to contact ;-)

Hey @jondavis, I remember that all too well, don't worry, we all go through it ;) I was sooo in over my head when I first joined, knew nothing about anything and had been avoiding social media for years haha, I got the hang of it though and the vegan community here is AMAZING! I started a contest called #veganwednesday, you should check it out whenever you feel comfortable, there are tons of great recipes and stories over there and a chance to win every week for sharing ;) Welcome to Steemit my friend <3