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Hello Food Lood Lovers!

As always, I will always update about the foods I cook, or that I review to you all because this is part of my life. For that, you can follow the instructions to create a crunchy snack.

I call this "Crunchy Egg Tempeh".

As the name suggests, it can be crispy if you eat it when it's still hot, because the flour mixed with eggs and then wrapped in tempeh, will be very tasty.

Well, for those of you who want to know the recipe for making this fried tempe, please see below.

Screenshot (73).png


  • Provide one stick of tempe, or according to your needs
  • Fried Flour (any Brand).
  • 1 egg (To taste).
  • One glass of water

Screenshot (72).png

How to make:

  • Split the tempe until it becomes thin, then cut into four parts
  • Put enough water into the container, and insert one egg and flour spice
  • Stir well evenly
  • Dip one by one tempe that has been cut and sliced before, until wet everything, then dip into the dry seasoning flour.

Screenshot (71).png

  • Heat cooking oil, put one by one tempe that you have coated with flour spice, then wait until the color turns yellow and looks mature.
  • Done
  • Hope you like it.

Good luck




this looks absolutely delicious 😋 enjoy 😊 have a nice day and GREETINGS!

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