The strangest 5 extras people place with coffee around the world

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Do you want to spoil your morning coffee? You are not the only one, but in fact people have started adding strange ingredients to their drinks for years. Here I mentioned some of the strangest coffee restaurants. Do not say I did not warn you!

  1. Butter
    Although the idea of ​​adding butter coffee may seem strange to some, somewhat famous but with coffee Dave Asbury known coffee energy (bulletproof coffee). I invented a coffee of energy when Dave Asbury prepared a cup of revitalizing yak butter tea while climbing the Tibetan mountains. Speaking of the present, his cream-filled coffee is available in some stores and online. What is the health benefit of it?

It has always been known that the butter high-quality active body and mind, and this claim Asbury took a step forward to apply it in their food. Allegedly Asbury mix the butter with what he calls "high-level coffee" (coffee containing the fungal toxins less) make them with additional health benefits and help to reduce weight.

Some people drink coffee butter alternative for breakfast freestanding fat found in butter helps Achaabaek hours as the coffee concerned with improving mood and purity. The drink has become more popular among athletes and professionals, including rider Martin Hall and poker expert Martin Jacobson. Despite its popularity, many experts find dubious Asperger claims. Based on the Perfect Daily Grind site.

He found precisely that the myth of "high-level coffee" is questionable several times. I wonder if your coffee will not be as tasty as butter on toast.

  1. Egg whites
    The tradition of mixing coffee beans with the egg whites of Scandinavia is known as the Lutheran Church coffee. This is not because there is no religious relationship blanks eggs, but simply because you can pour large amounts of it at once -mnasph for meetings Sunday crowded.

But egg whites were not added from the ground? This is due to the assumption that it makes a fixed space between coffee and water. Coffee is a beautiful amber color, rich in fat-free protein and its taste is unique.


  1. Salt
    If you have been the victim of the classic joke of sugar-salt switching, you probably have a terrible memory of drinks or salty foods, and you may not want to repeat that - but salt will add a delicious taste to your coffee by balancing the bitterness.

Coffee proponents of salt suggest that it adds a great flavor to specially chilled coffee, with little salt leading to more delights. This tradition is thought to have come from the United States Navy, where coffee there is known for its badness - so bad that Tom Clancy mentioned it in his novels.

Salt made sea coffee more drinkable as it eased electrical charges when seafarers who suffer from excessive sweating during their work. Some may point to an ancient tradition of drinking salty coffee in Ethiopia. It does not matter where it comes from, but it's clear that coffee has an interesting taste.

  1. Oatmeal
    Try it but at your own risk - because this extension only applies to specific people. I've heard about people who have added the flavor of coffee to the porridge, and as long as I do not try it, I got the way to tell it to you. Oatmeal poured in morning cup is a new experience.

The idea is to heat the coffee to cook oatmeal so it is breakfast and coffee at the same time. If you are bold try it you can also add some cumin or sugar. It is a famous way among mountaineers and royals and even among those who want to reduce the dishes that need to be washed - but seriously, is washing the dishes so tired?

  1. Coconut oil
    Coconut itself is not something strange that mixes with coffee, but it makes the famous latte in cafes around the world. Is not coconut oil what is placed on hair and body care?

Yes, besides being a regular ingredient in oriental cuisine, coconut oil helps improve the taste of your coffee and has many health benefits - or as your lover claims. If you interrupt carbohydrates and your eyes on your balance, a spoonful of coconut oil with your coffee will increase the metabolism as they said. It also boosts immunity and stimulates activity. But keep in mind that it is saturated with 90% fat.

So you've got five great coffee extras for anyone looking for an all-new experience.

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Wow I didn't know any of this...very interesting...thanks for posting :)