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For some time I have wanted to make a watermelon drink, because it seemed easy to me because of the fact that the watermelon consists mainly of water. As we recently had a nice weather, I decided to check if the watermelon really mixes nicely and comes out with a tasty drink. The result exceeded my expectations, because it came out great, taste and visually.

2017-08-18 05.24.42 1.jpg

What we gonna need?

  • watermelon
  • lemon
  • blender / kitchen robot

How to make watermelon drink?

1. We cut watermelon into smaller portions

2017-08-18 05.24.44 1.jpg

2. We peck the pips

2017-08-18 05.24.43 2.jpg

3. Mix the watermelon in a blender or kitchen work

2017-08-18 05.24.43 1.jpg

4. We pour the contents into glasses and squeeze some lemon juice

2017-08-18 05.24.42 2.jpg

Lemon juice is my idea to make it taste a little more interesting. I really liked this combination. I recommend trying to make such a drink on a warm day, because it's very easy to make and it comes out as a really tasty water replacer.

ps. Using this watermelon drink you can easily make drinks by adding some vodka or white wine.


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