Get Real Kentucky Fried Chicken!

in food •  last year

A while back Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) started running ads with actors trying to play the part of Colonel Sanders. They did a terrible job. So KFC tried to make it all a joke and started hiring many different actors to intentionally portray the Colonel as badly as possible. Their new marketing ploy was to intentionally badly imitate something.

That was all well and good until today when I stopped at a KFC to grab a quick bite to eat. They asked if I wanted "butter and honey" to go with my biscuit. Sounded like a good idea. They handed me this:


Honey Sauce???

What the heck is honey sauce? So I read the ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar and only 7% honey. I turned it over...


That looked more like a little packet of pee than sweet, golden, nectar of the Bee. Into the trash that little packet went. "Well at least I have some fresh creamy butter for my biscuit", I thought. I grabbed the little butter packet and...


Buttery? BUTTERY!!!

So I read those ingredients, soybean oil, palm oil, water and other stuff, including less that 2% milk. That must be what gives it that buttery flavor. If it's margarine, just put that on the packet, don't try to deceive me and call your margarine buttery spread.

Maybe They Are Just Morons

It's possible that KFC doesn't know the difference. So I thought I'd put together a little instructional presentation to educate them.

These are beehives.


Honey comes from beehives.

This is corn.


Honey does NOT come from corn.

I hope they were listening. Otherwise, what will be next? Chickenish drumsticks?

Until next time...

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Stopping by a fellow MAW member! Good thing I do not eat KFC or too many fast food places...


Thanks for stopping by, always great to hear from another MAW member. KFC is about the only fast food I eat any more, but sadly, in my youth I ate a lot of fast food.

That "honey" looks pretty weak. I wouldn't eat it either.


Good choice.

hmm i am getting hunngry after reading your post ;)


Lol, I hope not for fake honey.

haha kfc honey sauce lol what is that i really hope they see your post today to improve it lol :D


I hope so too. Any change would be for the better.

in reaping the benefits of various things will be done. whether benefiting customers or even harm.

Nice experience @gregory-f


In this case, they are definitely harming the customer for their benefit.

"That looked more like a little packet of pee than sweet, golden, nectar of the Bee."
Lol friend, actually I had the same feeling :D WTF is that! It seems like they are going in a terrible wrong way now! Thanks for sharing such useful post with us!


i agree with you and well said, thus a canned condensed milk does not contain any kind if milk.


Thank you!

haha chickenish drumsticks. drumsticky chicken

7 % honey in honey sauce lol Nice effort
it was fun going through the post buddy ;)


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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