Salsa Kitchen in Chiang Mai - Great food and prices

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In case the name of the place doesn't make it obvious, this is a Tex Mex place and they do a really good job. Despite it being only Tuesday night it was packed and we were lucky to get a table.


When I first sat down I got a little bit worried when I was reading the menu because they seem to focus very heavily on vegetarian and vegan options. Thankfully they also have all the usual meats and some fish options as well. However, for vegans and veggos you can rejoice because this place has got you covered!


I ordered what I always order at these kind of places because as I have mentioned before, there are 14 Tex Mex places in the city that I am aware of, - I have not been to 9 of them... maybe 10 if you count the place I went to that went out of business and no longer exists.


At 200 Baht I found this to be a pretty great value even though it is now the most expensive 3-taco combo plate that I have tried. I did like all the extras that they give you as well although once again I didn't touch the rice. The shells were filled with plenty of cheese and meat (although it wasn't ground beef it was some sort of shredded beef) and there was plenty of side sauces to spice to however you want it. My only criticism is that they fried the shells so they are too wide to be able to get a bite all the way across so you end up making a mess and if you aren't careful, staining your pants.


The guacamole was a bit disappointing to me because I don't like mine to be lumpy. However, I am not a guac expert so you can make your own decision about that. I prefer creamy. I do applaud the fact that they make their own tortilla chips though and almost all the bits on the plate were full chips. I find it exceptionally irritating when restaurants serve the "bottom of the bag" scraps that they are well aware no one wants.

This is the most expensive of all the Tex Mex restaurants that I have eaten at in the city thus far. However, given the location in the highly sought after Nimman area of Chiang Mai, and the fact that their portions are larger than the other places that I have been, I do not have a problem with the 20% increase in cost. I would definitely eat here again.

location including GPS coords
26/4 ถนน ห้วยแก้ว ตำบล ช้างเผือก อำเภอเมืองเชียงใหม่ เชียงใหม่ 50300
062 026 5500 (they answer, but don't expect English fluency because that isn't the case)

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While I usually don't go out of my way for vegan and vegetarian, I have several friends that prefer that lifestyle. And, truthfully, we've had some great meals that I'm sure were much healthier than my normal diet. Does sound like quite a find. Thanks for sharing @gooddream.

Looks really good and a decent sized portion for once. By the time you finish this challenge you will be avoiding Mexican food for a while. You are becoming a proper restaurant critic these days and enjoy these food posts.

Nice man this look awesome! I would be reluctant to try it but this looks and sounds great! Well, I would only be reluctant to try due to prior bad experiences!

Yesterday I happened to see the movie hungry for power, a very good film that deals with the whole process that led to creating mc donal ... Actually a very interesting movie. To eat ñan ñan.

That's nice of you to to send the gps and coords although I too prefer creamy guacamole also the tacos looks delicious.

Yeah, I don't think I could do the vegan thing. That is awesome that they have other options too. Being busy on a Tuesday sounds about right for over here. Lots of places have a thing called Taco Tuesday where that is what they serve. $2 Coronas and $2 Tacos. My wife and I really enjoy our Mexican cuisine and there is a place near us that we have been known to visit twice in one week before. The food looks great and I understand what you are saying about the "guac", I don't mind the chucks but I can see how it might be off-putting to some people. Great review!

It looks so delicious, i must remark your posts to see which place i should go if I ever visit your place.

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