Restaurant number 4 - Sansai, Chaing Mai: Cheap and great

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I would imagine that once again, this find is not at all specific to my area of Chiang Mai and things like it can be found all over the city and also any medium to large size city anywhere in Thailand. This particular restaurant is literally called "#4" because it is in a strip mall of sorts where there are 6 restaurants with slightly different offerings that are all in a row.

For any Thai readers out there that are trying to check my reading comprehension I want you to know that yes, I know that the sign there says "raan khao ka moo" and that does in fact mean "pork leg restaurant" but the owner / worker that was there told me the name of the place is number 4 and the other name is just to let people know what they specialize in. Apparently they are required to use the number for the name of their spot.

I didn't actually order the pork leg because I was intrigued by something on the menu that I have never seen before in Thailand.


It is called "khao moo tawt geng gal-lee Yip-pun" which means fried pork with Japanese curry. (it is the 4th one down on the pic.)
Since I was kind of "meh" about what i wanted to eat and was simply looking for sustenance I figured I'd give it a go.


The portion was big and it afforded an opportunity for me to use the aperture feature on my phone - which is an option I didn't have until about a 10 days ago. It had a lot of flavor but to be honest I don't think anything on the plate was home made (not that I care) but it did have the flavor of something that was purchased pre-breaded and the curry tasted as though it came out of a box. When paying the bill I saw the boxes so that explains why a lot.

How much do you think this cost me? Well, it cost 30 Baht, which was such a little price to pay that I actually felt bad for making this lady fire up the hot oil just for me. It's my fault because I eat my meals at off-peak hours typically since I have what many people would consider a strange sleep-cycle.

This is just another example of how once you get out of the tourist areas of a city the food becomes immensely cheaper. 30 Baht is less than $1. What can you get in the west for a dollar? A cup of gas station coffee? A slice of pizza in a NYC pizza-by-the-slice establishment? A taco? Certainly not a pork fillet on top of rice with curry served on a plate.

While I realize it is exceptionally unlikely anyone is actually going to go here here is their location including GPS coordinates

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The huge varieties of foods in Thailand amazes me at times , there are quality and rich cuisines . The fried pork with Japanese curry is one of such meals and the good part of its all is that they all taste delicious , the price of their foods is also very cheap and nice @gooddream

I think this is the cheapest restaurant you have found in Chiengmai! You ought to try Khao Soi next time!

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Simple but populist

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Thailand, is a region that has many restaurants with good quality and food, I am very interested in visiting Thailand

That's too bad that it all came out of a box like that. Sadly there are still a lot of places in the states that do that sort of thing and then charge you a pretty penny for it. I've never tried a real curry, but I hope some day that I get the chance. I am glad to see you are a fellow pork lover. My wife doesn't care of it and it makes my love of grilling/smoking a little bittersweet!