Recipe of Tequeños de plátano with cheese..!!!

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Recipe of Tequeños de plátano with cheese..!!!


Party, party! And where there's a party, there's... Tequeños! One of the favorite appetizers at meetings in Venezuela. Tequeño is similar to pastelitos and croquettes but with certain differences in its elaboration.

This wonderful hors d'oeuvre is made in its original recipe of wheat flour and stuffed with cheese. The dough for Tequeños is similar to that of puff pastry and in its elaboration process: 60% flour, 40% water, plus a touch of salt.

In this exquisite version of Tequeños de plátano we only place egg in the mixture and cornstarch only at the table, so that it does not stick when kneading. The ripe banana replaces the flour from the original recipe. A tequeño of banana and cheese... What a delight! It may not meet the strict requirements of a Venezuelan tequeño, but it's a very tasty version, free of flour and... gluten-free!

Remember that in the kitchen you have to be daring and fun, even though there are very clear rules in the gastronomy about the elaboration of many dishes, there are also marvelous recipes product of a good improvisation or a fortunate incident. Curiosity also yields great fruits, because... What is cooking? An ephemeral and edible art. So... what are you waiting for? Let's have fun!

RecipesFree invites you to approve your curiosity, cooking this fun and easy recipe of tequeños gluten-free banana. This version is fried, however you can bake it and so it is much healthier, only it must be for a very short time. The semi-hard cheese most recommended for making this aperitif is the paisa type or anyone who does not have huequitos, because this type of cheese contains a lot of air to melt usually comes out the sides or sticks from the walls in a tunnel.


3 ripe bananas
1 Egg
1 cup cornstarch (125 grams)
300 grams of hard cheese

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


We start by cooking the bananas. To do this, place a saucepan with enough water to cover all the bananas, previously chopped, as seen in the photo, without removing the skin. Take it to the fire and let it boil until they are tender.

The bananas will be ready when you can easily prick them with a fork. It is important that they are not overcooked as the dough would be very soft and formless. They can't be raw either, because the dough might break. The consistency of the dough must be homogeneous to achieve good homemade tequeños.



Next, drain the bananas very well, using a strainer. Let them rest for a while, but do not allow them to cool completely, otherwise it will be more difficult to make the puree.



Step on the bananas with a mashed mash or a fork to form as homogeneous a mash as possible.



Add the egg and knead the purée until you obtain a homogeneous textured dough. Make a ball with it and reserve.



Prepare your work table with all the ingredients and utensils necessary to make the Tequeños de plátano. Arrange in containers the necessary measures of all the products and cut the cheese in small thin rectangles.



Clean very well the table where you knead. Sprinkle cornstarch on the surface and divide the ball of dough into two smaller ones.



Knead like a plasticine, one of the balls. Make a braid and use a bottle or your hands to flatten it.



Remember the rectangles of cheese must be thin so that the size of the tequeño is adequate.

Three gluten-free tequeños come out of each braid. The remaining dough is joined to the other ball.



Before closing the Tequeños de plátano, to make them look more pleasing to the eye, cut a rounded shape with the knife, like a flap and ready.

If you want it to be crunchier, you can pass it through egg and cornstarch, before frying. In this recipe I preferred to simply fry it, just like that.



Preheat a frying pan with oil and fry the plantain tequeños until golden brown. Remember the banana is cooked very fast and is also previously cooked.


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