How To Make Yummy Tasty Chakli or Murukku (a quick recipe).....

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Hi Friends.... Though we make so many dishes for our Indian Festivals, this Chakli is the one much liked by everyone in the family, and can be made for all the festivals - Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi and also for Diwali...:)


So here I am with few quick and easy recipe to make Chaklies,and also some tips on how to make them colorful!!.

Using rice floor and maida.

Ungredients used.

  1. Rice floor - 1 cup
  2. Maida - 1/2 cup
  3. Sesame seeds (til) - 1teaspoon
  4. Asafoetida 1pinch.
  5. Butter - 1/4 cup.
  6. Salt for taste.
  7. Oil for deep frying (We use pure Coconut oil, but any good quality refined oil can be used)

We can use either chilli powder or pepper powder while making the dough if we want a bit spicy one...

Make a smooth dough using the ingredients from 1 to 6, add a little hot water only if you feel that the dough is bit hard. Keep covered for half an hour and using this Chakli machine, make small Chaklies on a plastic sheet or a Stainless steel plate and deep fry 8 to 10 Chaklies at a time.

This is the photo of a Chakli machine, which my Grandma used, then my Mom and now it's in my procession!! Great ancestral property!!! :).



Though we get these foods in shops and bakeries these days, home made food is always the best in taste and is good for health...

We can also make quick Chaklies using fine samolina instead of rice powder and maida. Just by substituting Samolina or Bombay Rava in place of rice powder and maida, making a dough using all the ingredients mentioned above. This comes out very tasty....

Making Chaklies using Urad Dal or black gram Dal...
Here we have to use 1cup black gram Dal roasted and powdered for 3 cups of maida. This gives a unique flavor, a beautiful aroma of roasted Dal and tastes differently and much yummy!.

We can make colorful Green Chaklies by adding 2 Tablespoons of palak or pudina juice and also get a good flavor!

To make Red Chaklies - add 2 tablespoons of beetroot juice while making the dough.

To make Yellow ones, add a pinch of turmeric powder!

So these are some of the recipes and tips to make the yummy tasty Chaklies at home... :)

Hope you liked this post... With much love, @geetharao...

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Hi Geetha Ma'am,
Its great to see an Indian delicacy on steemit platform... Recipe is explained in a beautiful manner... Will ask my wife to try this at home... Thanks

Hi @geetharao
Thank you for the recipe very simple and easy.
Myself and my sister tried this muruku it came out very good .
I have a question for you while doing muruku in the oil first it started to burst all the time it happened we finished somehow carefully.
What is the reason for that we used the same brand flour swad both rice flour and urad flour.
Thank you .


Hi @a-0-abul... Here I have done it with rice and maida. But rice and urad also comes out well. May be the dough more soft than required? No need to add any baking soda (hope you have not added)...
The consistency of the dough should be like that of a chapati or Parathas dough...
Even if you add more water it may make sound while putting into oil...

Indonesia and India have a lot in common.

Chakli / Murukku is very traditional, kids favorite, yummy snack and i always prefer your dishes now i will try to make it..thanks a lot mam for a lovely chakri making blog...
i hope i will try my best for this...

Its really great recipe .l love it 😍😍

ea to me daily khata hu...mast lag ti he ...

Thank you @geetharao for posting chakali receipe. Chakali is my favorite. I will definitely make it when I get time. 😊

Nice post by@geetharao

if in aceh-indonesia the cake is called (nyap) and the cake is made on certain days.

It looks a bit like churros actually!

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Jalevi like shape but different in taste, thank you ma'am for the recipe.

It looks very tasty.

Yummy dish @geetharao i am so glad to see you again after many days.

We have the same cake ini Aceh, we call is Marke. Almost like Marukku. :)

objects that are very long but can still be used as cooking tools that are always related well @geetharao

Thanks for trying this recipe n glad to know it came out well…Here’s my reply for ur queries:1) in the recipe i have mentioned butter qty as lemon size. That turns to approx 1.5 tbsp for 3 cups of Rice flour + rava mix. Proportionately u increase the qty u want.2) Yes u can use oil. 3) Flavoring is ur choice. U can pep ur chaklis as u wish…