Today's Sustainable Salmon Cakes Feast in the Garden of Eden

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It is another fantastic day in the Garden of Eden, and we are giving thanks for more than enough of everything in this abundant life of freedom!  

We made a delicious feast for our volunteers today, and because we have below freezing weather we prepared the food indoors on our wood burning stove rather than on the rocket stoves of our sustainable outdoor kitchen! We stayed nice and toasty, had a fantastic meal, AND heated water for showers for super sustainable efficiency. As usual, there was more than enough food for everyone, and we are happy to share our abundance with you.

Today we made garden salad, sautéed veggies, creamy scalloped potatoes, and salmon cakes with lemon garlic butter and spicy sriracha sauce! 

We started with our daily garden salad! Our greens stay snug and warm in our easy greenhouse, despite the below freezing temperatures we're enjoying. We grow them in a cluster of huge monster truck tire raised beds, so we simply drag clear tarps over the top of them to trap in the heat of the day, and they continue to thrive throughout the season! 

We topped today's spinach salad with carrots, broccoli slaw, cherry tomatoes, and pickled beets for a colorful and refreshing treat!

Next we prepared some primo salmon cakes by mixing salmon, millet flour, an egg, herbs and garlic.

We shaped them into patties and pan seared them in yummy, yummy butter and olive oil. 

They cooked for a few minutes on each side until they were crispy and golden brown. 

Then we poured a luxurious lemon garlic butter over the top of them.  

Next, we made our side dishes. On the left, we have a pan of thinly sliced potatoes for the scalloped potatoes, and on the right we have mushrooms, onions, zucchini and yellow squash spears sautéeing! 

We finished the creamy scalloped potatoes by simmering them in heavy cream with butter, and we sprinkled them with fresh chives for a pop of color and flavor before serving. 

Our sautéed veggies turned out beautifully as well, and we polished off this dish with lemon juice and garnished with some salty olives! 

It was a gorgeous spread with plenty of food for everyone! 

Food is important, and we hope to inspire people to really take time to eat, enjoy it, and share it with someone you love. We also hope to inspire more and more sustainable practices in regards to food! 

Food is an honored & elemental part of our daily life in community. You can learn more about our unique, intimate, and super sustainable relationship with food here!

Photos are original to our epic feast and highlight just a taste of the thousands upon thousands of free meals we share every single year. 

We are happy & grateful to share our abundance - there's more than enough of everything! If you or anyone you know wants or needs food, contact us - we will give you free food, no questions asked. We make this offer every single day, because we are here to help one and all.

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Mmmmmmmmm Good Eating!



Wow delecious and nice presenting


Thank you, and most important is that it is SUSTAINABLE!!


So so nice efforts @gardenofeden,

wonderful and tasty dishes. love to see the pics.


Thanks for sharing the feast with us @rabeel!

delicious and healthy. do you have the recipe list to share?


For which dish? We describe some methods and ingredients within the post.

Looks amazing.

Thank you for all you do !!!
This is the year for me to start giving more !!


What a great resolution!! Blessings @robertmannino!



Mmmmmhhhhhmmmm!!! 💖💖💖

Looks delicious!!


Yummy, nutritious, and sustainable!

What a delicious feast in the Jardin del Eden restaurant,


We are waaaaaaaay superior to any restaurant in every way! We are an ecovillage and provide daily sustainable feasts for one and all.

Hhmmmm.. Nyumy very delicious.. very suitable if there is a friend with warm rice is very delicious in the morning

what a good post I hope you see mine and you like it


Good luck!

Woooow! nice post I like it and upvote you and follow you thankss for sharring


Hope to see you tuning in soon!

Love the meal! Have y'all gotten set up with any aquaponics?


Of course!

I want to try them all :O

thank you for sharing your friends about what you are doing, honestly, it seems that the cakes are very good @gardenofeden


Yes they were a favorite part of the meal! Thanks for sharing it with us!


both friends, this is a tribute to me for having received me well in your post, thanks friend

Wow @gardenofeden looks amazingly delicious, can I come to your house for dinner?


check out our web site !!!


I certainly will

Wow. Look delicious. I wanna taste it Hehehe


make it your self or come visit us in the vortex!

Love what you guys do. Had to stop by and show some love. I love Salmon Cakes btw. Happy New Year :) Looks delicious as usual.


Thanks for the support, we are committed to sharing the mouthgasmic potential of life!

loving it...
very delicious @gardenofeden


And oh so sustainable!

Hello @gardenofeden... Just Read Your Post ...It Has Quality Stuff in it ....
Yummy! Delicious and Great Presentation
Just Followed You For More Post ...thanks


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