Vegan Dinner - Arepas with Broccoli & sprouted grains Sautée

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I love these little green trees a lot, so for dinner I prepared a mix of broccoli and sprouted grains which were homemade eat my traditional arepas. For the sautée I used a few broccoli flowers, a hand of sprouts, green bell pepper and soy cheese. As for flavour I used ginger, soy sauce, salt and a tamarind vinaigrette.

First I took the clean broccoli flowers, placed them on the pan with olive oil. after some minutes I added the sprouted grains and bell pepper with most of the flavoring ingredients save the vinaigrette. Mixed and cooked a couple minutes more in high heat then turned off the pan.



At the end I added the soy cheese and the tamarind vinaigrette, which turned out to be a great combination. The Sautée was delicious and refreshing with the best flavor of broccoli and the prouted grains. The ginger gave that little cold spicy touch and the slightly melted cheese just fits perfectly with arepas since is common to accompany them with it. You can fill the arepas with this sautée or just take pieces of this corn bread and eat along. a nice green dinner to call it a day, Hope you like it.

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